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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. mbwilson111
    I do not have the Owl but I agree with everything you said about the Hawk.
  2. snatex
    Thank you for the detailed take on these two. You prefer the microsuede on both?

    I found it interesting that in interviews I've seen with Skyler Gray and William Low, they say some may prefer the sound signature of Nightowl but they clearly seem to favor the Nighthawk themselves.
  3. mbwilson111
    Yes they do. I don't think a closed version was in the original plan but rather it came about because of the people who did not appreciate the Nighhawl sound signature.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  4. Devodonaldson
    I prefer the hybrid pads. As in the ones that came with the original Nighthawk. There are 3 types of pads. Hybrid, Boost (pleather), and microsuede. I also prefer the Hawk if I had to choose one, but the Owl does some things a little better. Again, the Owl while still being unique, gives a sound that's a little closer to the norm. So, I can see how some would prefer it. Sounds a little more like what people are used to
  5. waveSounds
    I remember reading that they developed the Owl because they were being inundated for a closed version of the Hawk i.e. for those that appreciated the Hawk's sound but needed the isolation. That's what they said were trying to achieve anyway; a closed Hawk. Obviously it wasn't entirely possible with the limitations that the closed form brought hence the Owl's eventual sig.
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  6. snatex
    The hybrid pads do not seem to be available anywhere. How would you describe the differences between the 3 pads?
  7. mbwilson111
    Yes, and also I do think that once they had it in the works they tried to make it sound more "mainstream."
  8. mbwilson111
    Skylar Gray wrote a long post about that in the Nighthawk thread when they were announced. I will try to find it.
  9. Devodonaldson
    Hybrids being the flat response, microsuede is like a few db reduction in the sub-bass to slight deduction in lower midbass. Boost(pleather pads) a several decibal increase in the treble response. Treble "sparkles" but has an artificial sound to it.
  10. waveSounds
    Indeed, also a possibility!

    Whatever the story, I'm glad they both exist. In my eyes, Skylar is the man. The innovation and thought that went into the Night's creation is seriously impressive.
  11. snatex
    Thanks! That would be much appreciated.
  12. snatex
    Is the comfort level about the same with all 3?
  13. mbwilson111
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
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  14. mbwilson111
    That depends on if certain materials feel good on your skin. That is personal. I think the microsuede one feels cooler in hot weather than the others. Some people hate the feeling of microsuede. There is no difference in the padding or shape.
  15. Devodonaldson
    Comfort is exactly the same. More pleather retains more heat, but padding is exactly the same. Microsuede are the most cool due to outer surface material
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