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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. mmq2404
    The soundstage is the strongest weakness of these cans.
    Regarding the the highs, as I tried many DAC/Amp combo, the R70x may not need very much power to drive but they quite picky in DAC/Amp pairing, some would be very bright, even harsh sounding, some would be dark and mellow sound.
    Compared to other reference cans I think the R70x's highs are lack in quality rather than quantity, they do lack in highs a bit but this is heavily depends on what DAC or Amp you are using :L3000:.
    I love my R70x very much because my hearing is very sensitive to upper frequencies, especially 8KHz~15KHz, I can hear the sound in those frequencies very clearly, such as CRT TV sound:loud_sound:
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  2. generick
    Great cans, I've been using this very much over the last 2 months, while it doesn't touch the technical ability of my higher end cans, it has the advantage of being incredibly light and a FR that is almost exactly neutral for me without messing with eq like I do with the HD 800. Should be in the discussion along with the dt880, q701 and hd600/650 as best among mid fi.
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  3. llysender
    I've had this set for about 4 months now and I'm in love with it.

    Initially I was looking for HD600 alternatives due to it being outside of my budget and used copys weren't very much lower. Then I stumbled onto this thread which had nothing but parse for the r70x and decided to buy it after a month of trying. I must say they really feel like a upgrade to the AD500x were everything is so clean and defined.

    Also I have a question, Ive be trying a few high power amps(ifi micro black label,fiio K5,JDS atom) for awhile now and besides a very slight increase in bass and trebble presence it sounds identical to the fiio K3. Is it that the r70x doesn't need alot of voltage to drive properly?
  4. generick
    It doesn't need that much, but I'm sure there are people here who will froth at the mouth and draw out knives if you don't pair everything with something less than 3w a channel with higher that 0.0005% distortion numbers. Its designed for professional use and mixing consoles aren't exactly beasts in terms of headphone output.
  5. llysender
    Thanks I thought I was going crazy when I didn't hear any significant change.
  6. generick
    Solid state I didn't hear that much of a difference, except with perhaps high end gear, however, if you do want to get a different experience tube amps can do that.
  7. WilliamLeonhart
    Spot on. I tried to used the R70x go get my friend into the game. “Ok so these are studio headphones with much higher impedance than crap gaming ones so you need dedicated amp”, I told him. He plugged it into his Macbook. It got loud.
  8. Hooster
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  9. cursive
    I love the sure ear pad, but I wonder if there’s any fitment issues putting them on a round driver like the r70x. Did you have to stretch them or anything beforehand?
  10. Hooster
    Not at all, just be patient, take your time, work your fingers inside the pad's ear cup pushing out and it will fit nicely with no stretching needed.
  11. maggiesbrother
    Question on amplification - i see some folks have used the Valhalla with success and other reviews say these are better paired with a beefy solid-state, has anyone done an A/B comparison of OTL v Solid State (assuming both have enough power for them)? I'm specifically thinking of Valhalla 2 v Burson Soloist, but curious on other impressions too
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