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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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    skiing, vinyl, trips (both kinds), little bit of electronics, programm...I mean messing with code
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sony MDR-MA900 - resistor bypass mod
    Sony MDR-1000X
    Beyerdynamic DT-150 + brainwavz angled pleather pads
    Audio-Technica ATH-R70x
    Beyerdynamic DT-250 [250 Ω, silverstone foam mod]
    AKG Q701 [Austrian + Bass mod]
    Fostex T50RP + silverstone Dampening material + plasticine + shure pads + some cotton. not in use

    RHA MA750i, given away
    HD650 stock. Listened to HD600 as well. There's something very wrong with HD6X0 low end IMO
    Denon AH-D1001K (recabled with mogami neglex 2534 + 6.3mm neutrik)
    Koss DJ100 + ath-m50 pads, lost
    Fischer Audio FA-003 + silverstone Dampening material. Had wood cups, disliked them. lost
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Schiit Magni 2 Uber
    Custom build of the O2 amp.
    Heed CanAmp clone. not in use

    Yulong D100. Yes, it did work as a stand-alone amp.
    Zero DAC 09 LT1364 + 2x LM4562. mleh
    Source Inventory:
    The regular ODAC
    Technics SL-7 turntable -> Grado Gold1 t4p cartridge -> Little Bear T8 SS discrete MM/MC preamp [back to vinyl :( ]

    Aiwa AD-F770 - because vinyl isn't stupid enough. but no really, cassettes do sound nice..

    Yulong D100 (ODAC+O2 either beat it in SQ or are at least equivalent)
    Technics SL-1210MK2 > Shure m97xe > Angle Audio phonostage — I eventually found vinyl too much of a pain in the arse.
    Zero DAC 09 LT1364 + 2x LM4562
    Cable Inventory:
    I don't believe in cables. Anything beyond the scientific/physical properties like capacitance, resistance and inductance is snake oil/Imagination/BS/Someone's profitable business.
    Music Preferences:
    The Doors, Alina Orlova, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, White Stripes, Simon & Garfunkel, Nouvelle Vague...wherever Spotify takes me. Psychedelic/sung poetry/dreamy slow music


    Aiwa AD-F770 or ODAC or (Technics SL-7 turntable with Grado Gold1 -> Little Bear T8 SS discrete MM/MC pre) -> Magni 2U -> MDR-MA900 [mod] or ATH-R70x [sonarworks] or DT-250 [250 Ω, mod] or Q701 [sonarworks] or DT-150 [angled pads] or T50RP [mod]
    Z5c > LDAC > MDR-1000X
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