Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 Discussion (and Appreciation) Thread!
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Mar 14, 2008
Hello Audio-Technica fans and detractors. Seeing as though this headphone has enjoyed a surge in popularity of late, I though that it would benefit all to concentrate the discussion. This is not specifically an Appreciation Thread, as I want the discussion to be balanced. The reason for this is that response to these headphones has been somewhat bipolar. Some (me included) have found "their sound," while others have not been so enthusiastic. I feel that the detractors do have valid qualms with this headphone, although I am currently overwhelmed by the positive aspects of its performance. I don't want to be seen as a fanboy, and be responsible for people spending over $500 on a headphone they will end up returning or selling.

I have conversed with many on these boards about these headphones, and perhaps we could either refine those thoughts, or find our old responses and copy them into this thread.

I am probably going to write a quick review of the AD2k, and how it performed with my Pico. Maybe others could give a quick rundown of what they thought about the AD2k's sound quality, comfort, value, and perceived "synergy" with amp/source.
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Originally Posted by Cankin /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Please compare your AD2000 with SRS-3050A using same source


I'll have to do it next week because my AD2k and Pico are at my other home.
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I'm also very interested in your comparison between SRS-3050A and AD2000. I am on the fence whether I should buy the AD2000 or not. Thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by glac1er /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm also very interested in your comparison between SRS-3050A and AD2000. I am on the fence whether I should buy the AD2000 or not. Thanks in advance

Yes... "inquiring minds want to know."

Though... I suspect... we'll find the AD2000s sound very similar... except... they have bass and impact, and warmer mids.
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We must be careful to not turn the the AD2000 into the next FOTM though.

The AD2000 is a special headphone (at least with my rig). I can see many people liking it, but also many people dislike it. Those who want "big" bass like DT990, D2000/5000, DX1000, Darths and so on, might not appreciate the tight, but not very dominant, bass that the AD2000 have. For people who would like wounderful, intimate vocals to be a large part of the sound, the AD2000 is a VERY nice alternative.

I like it for anything but classical, where I rather use HD600/K501/DT880 of the headphones I've heard.

It's nice too see more than ~10 people own it though, as it must have been before late 2007
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I just received a pair of these cans.

I only have a few hours of listening to them - I am a fan of the AT "sound" and so far my initial impressions are very positive. I can only comment on the fit and finish of the phones so far since they are so new. They are very comfortable on my head and the cans themselves look nice and feel to be solidly constructed.

This weekend I hope to try out another amp with the phones and maybe some other sources. I have a pair of HD650s which sound better, to me, on my SS amp and I am curious to hear these new, open, cans on that amp as well.

They look nice and tasty next to my W1000s on my headphone stand
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I really like these things. My only qualm with them is that there seems to be a particular mid-range/ upper mid-range frequency that is rolled off a bit which results in some vocals (particularly background) being almost intelligible, fuzzy or lacking focus sometimes.

The presentation, at least imo, is to die for. I love listening to 50's-60's era hard bob jazz with them. Plus they seem to be the perfect headphone for Diana Krall.
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These things have a seductive quality about them which reminds me alot of the K501. They sound nothing like the K501 but when I put them on I seem to hear the flaws first but after 10 minutes or so I can't take them off. The same things goes for the K501.

Every other headphone I have owned has been the opposite. I hear the good qualities and then after a lengthy listen I start picking them apart.

On another note, today I found myself preferring the AD2000 over the K340. They are slowly winning me over after getting off to a very rocky, disappointing start about a week ago.

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