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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. idkk408
    HFP 1.6 (and on) supports wideband audio (HD Voice). For example, headsets from Plantronics (like Backbeat Pro 2) support it in addition to HSP 1.2. I believe some Sennheiser's support it also.
  2. subtec
    You mean this?

    bluetooth HFP 1.6.png
  3. groovyd
    Easily possible using 802.11ad
  4. Saljon
    Edit: Sorry for speaking German. My mistake:joy:

    I find it rather disconcerting that Audeze is avoiding any kind of communication since the discussion about the case=/=bag arose.
    The campaign has reached the streatch goal days ago, yet there has been no update, nothing from Audeze at all.

    Ich finde die komplette Funkstille von Audeze seit das Thema mit Case oder Bag aufgekommen ist langsam etwas befremdlich. Mittlerweile sind wir schon ewig bei über einer Million und es gab kein Update, gar nichts mehr.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  5. Runo
    I wouldn't worry too much. It might very well have been a mistake to call it a case in the first update, and now they're trying to decide what to do and how to announce it. And those things—at least speaking from experience in the companies I've worked for so far—simply take time. Any further post in one or the other direction by their team could fuel the fire more, so they're not saying anything until they have something concrete. Might not be the best way to handle it, but I've been in various companies and organizations that did the exact same thing in those situations.
  6. Saljon
    That's my guess too, but I consider that bad practice of it's the case. They should have just been upfront about it and cleared it up, less long term animosity.

    I'm more worried about them hampering their reputation than I am about probably only getting a bag.
    I want this company to be loved for some reason, even though I'm not the biggest fan of their products. (I definitely like them but I always found the price tag far too steep for how they look and what I'm getting in the sound departement, be it planar or not, simply not worth twice the amount of a hd660, dt1990, Fostex/Denon ...)
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  7. RamSpencer
    Wonder how the certification (LDAC) is coming. That will be an exciting announcement should it come soon and production can begin.
  8. blur510
    In thought the mobius is already ldac compatible
  9. GenEricOne
    It has to go through a certification process prior to release.
  10. blur510
    Maybe they shouldn't mention ldac before they are certified.
  11. Swatson
    It's a core feature of the product, if it failed cert they would delay shipping and re-do it
  12. RuFrost
    Jumped into the deal for 5 headphones with 3 other people)) Let's see when it is going to be shipped in Russia and how the Mobius will work))
  13. MateuszW
    This lack of updates is worrying. I wonder if they will postpone the shipment.
  14. heavyharmonies
    Huh? The Kickstart campaign hasn't finished yet and we're more than a month (at the very least) from any units shipping per original schedule. Audeze has had several updates and actively participates in this thread.

    How is anything "worrying" at this stage?

    Man, people are impatient.

    Note: The sky is, in fact, NOT falling.
  15. MateuszW
    Sure thing but there is no update on this stretch goal (personally I don't care too much about it as I only want to receive a decent pair of headphones). But to be honest I'm pretty excited for Mobius as it will be my door to planar-magnetic realm :)
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