1. O

    Which one for gaming (fortnite especially)

    I can’t decide which headset should i get but after along research i knew these the best i can get for my budget: Massdrop xSennheiser HD58X Jubilee/HD6XX Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO/880 PRO/770 PRO Audio Technica ATH-AD700x/AD900x/AD1000x AKG K7xx/712 Sennheiser 599/598 Philips x2hr/9500 i...
  2. pers0n

    Comfortable PC headset for hot climate?

    Hello! I live in a really hot environment (avg. ~90F, ~30C). My current cheap headset makes my head sweat around my ears. I mainly need the headphones for gaming/movies. These are the models I thought of buying (sorted by the one I like most to least): HyperX Cloud Alpha HyperX Revolver S...
  3. C

    Best Gaming Setup $1,000 max (Console)

    Hello all, I've been digging through review videos and forums for weeks and still can't decide on my setup :/ Primary use: Xbox One X gaming Secondary use: Music From most of what I read positioning is processed by the software not hardware so you don't need to go all out and 7.1 is a...
  4. jude

    Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. With extremely advanced (and integrated) head tracking to create an uncanny sense of surround realism, the Audeze Mobius is something far greater than just a gaming headset (though it is that, too). It's also...
  5. P

    Looking for a good pair of headphones without breaking the bank? Also Chinese headphones?

    Hi. So I'm looking for a headset for my PC for gaming and music. I thought I would post here too see what you guys think. I don't have a great deal of knowledge about this area thought I should ask people who do. So far I am looking about buying Steel Series Arctis 7. But I'm looking for other...
  6. D

    Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X vs ATH-AD500x?

    I'm looking for a good sounding gaming Headset, my top two picks are the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X (119$) and the ATH-AD500x with mod mic (~110$). I play mostly FPS games like PUBG, Battlefield 1 or CS:GO. Which headset would you pick? Thanks for you help Deichgrav
  7. Luchios

    Looking to buy new headset, recommendations?

    Hey all, I would like to buy a new pair of headphones. Last ones are on their last leg (audio cutting in and out). I primary play games and also listen to music at the same time. I am completely new when it comes to good quality headphones. My price point is $300, with a possibility going a...
  8. B

    [Buy help] Closed-back headphones gaming/music (Under or about 1000€)

    Hello, this is my first post and to tell the truth, I'm not that familiar with the types of headphones or acoustics. But let's get to the point. I want to buy a proper closed back headphone that I would use at home only. The focus would be on the following things: Mainly: Immersive gaming...
  9. hjeanpat

    Bluetooth headsets

    I just got a new bluetooth headset and it is great! It even has skype capabilities with it. It is all handsfree for playing games or calling people. I highly recommend it.  ...
  10. hjeanpat

    Bluetooth headsets

    I just got a new bluetooth headset and it is great! It even has skype capabilities with it. It is all handsfree for playing games or calling people. I highly recommend it.  ...
  11. mbeno13

    Best Xbox 360 Gaming Headphones

  12. Benik3

    Gaming headset to 75$

    Hello. I decide to change my opinion and I want some more quality gaming headset.   NOW UP TO 75USD!   I looked e.g. on  Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma. They looks great. Also they have own sound card which could be better then my integrated Conexant (Or not?) Also is...
  13. Cirofost

    Tritton/Madcatz 5.1 Black Ops Headset - PC vs 360/PS3?

    Hey there! I am searching for a good genuine 5.1 surround sound headphone, that supports optical (TOSLINK) from my motherboard. Now I know I could get the regular PC version of the Tritton 5.1 Call of Duty Black Ops headset, however, motherboard audio never sounds that great, so I was thinking...
  14. Ralph444

    Gaming/Movie Headphones

    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker on these forums.  Finally decided to just set up an account. This is the best place to get informed opinions on headphones and audio equipment so.....   I'm been looking for a good set to use for gaming/movie watching.   I already purchased a...
  15. lilboozy

    Best Gaming Headset <$75 for Xbox360

    For pure gaming purposes; mostly fps shooters like black ops 2 and all that.
  16. Wooze

    Best Gaming Headphones under 200 (xbox 360)

     Ok so basically i've been looking for a pair of headphones for the xbox 360.What i really wanted was not a competitive gaming headset but one that'll give the most immerse game play experience, one that'll make me feel like im actually in the game and a bass booster would be nice too. Now i've...
  17. argonil

    Need a headset matching my description.

    First of all, I'd like to say hello there! I'm new to this website. I don't know much about headsets or sound in general, so do noobify your replies. :) Second, I'm looking for a headset that's good, both for gaming and listening to music.  - I prefer closed-ear headsets, but it's not...
  18. Xdflames

    Any comfy, long lasting closed headphones for gaming recommendations?

    Hey guys, I ended up here on my search for a couple headphones that meet my requirements, and I would be grateful to any help you guys could give me.   The things I want are: -Comfort (a must, for gaming sessions from 2 hours to 6 hours at a time) -Long lasting (I don't want to have to...
  19. oremor12

    Gaming headsets under $100?

    I currently have the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset and want to upgrade. I pretty much game only on Call of Duty, so i am looking for something that can deliver great 3D Soundstage. I want a new headset mostly to hear where an enemy is coming from; being able to locate gun fire and footsteps. I...
  20. TrainRain

    Headset vs. Headphones (Gaming)

    Hello! I'm new here, so my apologies if I'm in the wrong forum. As you may also discover, English isn't my first language, so my English are most likely not 100% fluent.   I decided to make an account here to ask you guys (who most likely are more professional when it comes to sound than...
  21. jamieuk147

    So gaming isnt as enjoyable with closed headphones vs open?

    I understand that with closed you get really good bass! which is great in games like call of duty etc when someone throw a grenade right at you! and you feel the explosion!.   With open headphones I hear people mention about better soundstage, so I am guessing this makes the environments you...
  22. IntensityX

    Headphones 80$ Music/gaming

    EDIT: I would also like to point out that these are going to be my first "audiophile" headphones, and not being an "audiophile" myself I probably won't notice the small faults in some products.     Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this first of all.   Well the past...
  23. Frankoharris

    Switching from headset gaming to headphone gaming (setup help?)

    Ok so my turtle beaches recently broke and I just cannot play to my full capacity without the sounds of the game, so I was browsing online and found out that I could buy a nice pair of headphones and a clip on mic(?) an astro mixamp and then with all these in 1 setup it would blow gaming...
  24. DeAdShOt

    Gaming or traditional headphones

    Hey again guys !   Now that i got some experience in pro gaming scene , i think i need some new cans..after a lot of research (HUGE) i am now able to understand that gaming headphones are just gimmicks and not worth the price   Now that i've got some cash to spend on these are my...
  25. kILLDR3n

    Best HeadSETS for use with Astro Mixamp (gaming)

    I have the AD-700 that I use for music, but with the mixamp on shooters they have very screeching highs that literally hurt my ears. Directional audio and such is fine with Dolby Headphone, but I need something with a little more bass. I actually prefer a headset with a microphone. I'd rather...