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Gaming/Movie Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ralph444, Nov 30, 2012.
  1. Ralph444
    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker on these forums.  Finally decided to just set up an account.
    This is the best place to get informed opinions on headphones and audio equipment so.....
    I'm been looking for a good set to use for gaming/movie watching.  
    I already purchased a HFI-780, but I'm returning it because the left speaker is faulty apparently.  Also, they are really quite uncomfortable :/
    What are some good suggestions for headphones for gaming and movie watching, with maybe a little music on the side?
    I guess the most important for me is soundstage and the whole "3d effect".  I also would prefer it to have some decent bass.
    I'm not a competitive gamer.  I just appreciate the soundstage and bass for the immersion it gives you in gaming.
    Around $150 would be my limit.  I also don't beg for comfort, but the HFI-780s...... those hurt after a while..... I mean really, they are painful.  So anything with a more comfortable headband or grip is also welcome.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    (P.S.  I know there are hundreds of threads about this.  But I picked up the 780s on recommendation, and they were less than ideal so I figured I'd ask in person.)
  2. Supertoaster
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro. 
  3. Ralph444
    Good soundstage?  I mean for a closed set.
  4. Doc-holliday
    The Beyers are one of the best in that department for a closed can. And they are very comfortable due to velour ear pads.

    You will want to get an amp if you don't already have a decent sound card in your gaming PC. The Fiio E10 amp is down to 45 dollars on Adorama right now and is a steal and will run them very nicely. Get the 80 or 250 ohm which ever one you can find that is cheaper should pretty much be your criteria on that.
  5. Ralph444
    I'm moving back towards console gaming.  I will have an Astro Mixamp.  Will that be sufficient to power it with good sound?
    Not going to sway me away, but will the 80 ohm version work decently from straight headphone slots from an ipod or laptop?  I'm curious about that.
  6. Doc-holliday
    You will get sound at decent volume but you are going to want to amp them out of a portable device. They will be most notably a bit anemic and distort in the bass department.

    Not sure on the astro. The beyers are pretty efficient so it is certainly possible.
  7. Supertoaster
    You can also try to find the 32ohm version somewhere, its a bit more expensive and harder to find but will be easier to drive.
  8. Ralph444
    Found an 80ohm at $135.  Refurbished but with 2 year manufacturers warranty.
    Decisions, decisions.
  9. Doc-holliday
    And? Did ya do it? If so let us know how that works out. I am curious how that amp of yours drives those. Thanx.
  10. Ralph444
    Still waiting to make sure I can return my HFI-780s.....
    While I wait....
    How's the Sennheiser HD 598?
    I heard it has a wide soundstage and is super comfortable.  But the bass isn't that strong?
  11. Supertoaster
    It's very bass light, especially compared to the DT770. 
    I think you might enjoy the DT770 more because it has more of a WOW/immersive factor.
  12. Doc-holliday
    I would agree with Mr. Toaster on that one :wink:
  13. Ralph444
    Well, how can I disagree with a Super Toaster.  That's like saying no to freshly made, buttered toast.
    Still waiting to return the Ultrasones.  I'll probably try to order the refurbished DT770 after I can be sure I will get a refund.
    As long as the soundstage is somewhat wide I'm good.  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE IMMERSION :O
  14. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The DT770 Pro 80-Ohms are a bassy headphone, which might get uncomfortable with a long gaming session.
    I would say to pick up some used Senn HD558s, $115 to $138, on Amazon or Electronics Expo.
    The Senn HD5XXXs are not a bassy headphone, but they do have decent bass and being open should be better for sound stage and long term gaming sessions.
    The HD598 and HD558s do not sound the same, but they both use the same driver/diaphragm.
    and as the HD668s are only 50-ohm, they are a little easier to drive, then 80-ohm headphones.
  15. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Is that xBox or PS3 gaming console?
    Do you own the Astro mix-amp or just buying one soon?
    A used receiver (with HDMI) off eBay/craigslist might be a better choice, as they usually come with Dolby and DTS audio.
    I prefer Yamaha's as they almost always come with headphone surround sound (Yamaha's Silent Cinema).

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