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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. tannji
    I have no idea if they are related but mine did before the left channel died. They were not slight though. and the crackling was only in the left channel.
  2. KaiSc
    No disruption here.
    Try different cable.
  3. MFHRaptor
    I've came to the conclusion that my Mobius is defective..

    I tried to ignore it. I've tried to accept it, but my ability to easily detect it has ruined it for me.

    What seemed at first like a slight channel imbalance between the two headphone speakers - rendering the center image slightly to the right - is presumably a left channel defect.
    It's because my left ear sometimes has a tinnitus after using the Mobius for a stretch of time that can not be described as "extended listening" by any means.

    The tinnitus has been getting worse, it seems. Probably a matter of time before the left channel gives up completely.

    No crackling or weird noises though.. and no hissing.
  4. menuki
    Seems to depend on the EQ mode. In “Balistic” there is a pan to the left in my case, on “Flat” it seems centered. Hmm. :/

    Besides that and the crackling when connected via cable (might be my phones fault) it is slightly annoying that you have to disable the 3D mode ever time after turning them on. Why not just save the last mode? :D
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  5. Audeze
    This seems strange. Do you hear this from any other USB host ?
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  6. KaiSc
    All gaming EQ presets are objectively measurable off-centered, thats' a bug even in the current beta firmware.
    Hope AUDEZE fixes it with the next version.
    menuki likes this.
  7. Nuwidol
    Got an email from FedEx & then one from Audeze yesterday. Finally decided that my pair are lost & they're sending me another pair. Been a tedious 6 weeks since they were originally shipped. Fair play to audeze for sending another pair. They haven't exactly had it easy with the launch have they.. I'm guessing they won't be shipping straight from the supplier anymore. Seems to have been a costly exercise on their part.

    Looking forward to receiving them next week
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  8. phase0
    I had a huge amount of noise over USB yesterday, was like terrible noise floor + something rhythmic and cyclical pulsing to the noise. I was surprised as I know the Mobius isn't that noisey. I have a lot of audio devices and apps and started closing programs. In the end it was Microsoft RDP client that was causing the issue. I have no idea why. But I thought I would mention it here in case that is helpful as a suggestion to people. If things are weird, close apps, reboot. Sometimes the problems are other applications or conflicts or just weird stuff especially with Microsoft stuff. Maybe the spyware uploading all your personal data to Azure for the CIA portal was causing a weird resource conflict :)
    menuki likes this.
  9. menuki
    Thanks for getting back to me. :) Seems to be a problem with my phone, I do not have any problems when they're connected to my PC.

    They're beginning to grow on me and sound quality is actually really great... my only gripe, the whole frequencies seem to be slightly panned to the left, beside the higher up frequencies 8khz to 10khz, no matter which mode I'm in - although, in the gaming modes it's even more evident. Any tips for that @Audeze, or will I have to return them for another unit? Also, any way to connect them to the lightning port of my iPad directly? :)

    Just to sum up my very first impressions with them:

    - Comfortable! Good looking! Robust even though it’s pretty much all (high quality) plastic (which helps keep weight and cost down!)
    - Really good planar magnetic sound quality
    - I'm a fan of the EQ modes*
    - No audible distortion even when they're turned up to very high volume
    - 3D Mode is impressive to say the least, especially because it makes the sound play in front of you, making it feel like you're listening to speakers rather than headphones. *slow clap* (I can imagine that this reduces listenting fatique as well)
    - "Room Ambience" (Basically reverb) can be turned off through the application. Thanks for that! Now listening to Music with the 3D Mode activated sounds more natural IMO!
    - Connectivity: Easily plugged into any PC (can't wait to use them at work), Bluetooth pairing is a breeze

    - A bit bulky, weighty, but packed with so much technology that it's okay again

    - Mentioned pan in sound to the left
    - *Gaming EQ modes increase the left-pan
    - 3D Mode is always activated by default, even if I turn it off - would be great to have the ability to just save the previously selected mode before the Mobius are turned off :wink:

    Further feedback:
    Maybe there could be an option to use 3D Mode without the head tracking? I think that may be rather useful for listening to Music especially. Would surely be great to just have this option as a little checkbox in the application or something. :)

    EDIT: When trying to configure them through windows, the prompt window for it just closes without letting me make any adjustments. Did anyone else experience this before?

    EDIT2: Is anyone willing to send me the firmware update? I've contacted support, but it'll probably take until Monday - Tuesday until I get a reply and I would LOVE to try the "Warm" EQ mode. @Audeze, maybe you could drop me a PM as well?

    Also, please allow saving the last configuration for both 3D and EQ mode! Evertime I turn them on again I have to scroll back to the Music EQ mode. It doesn’t take long of course, but it is still rather annoying.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  10. brianza
    On the same boat here... I knew shipping from China incl. customs can become painfully slow, but my Mobius pre-order was shipped on the 6th September from China using SFC, and tracking is still stuck on 9th September like I reported 2 weeks ago in this post.

    I already contacted Audeze support which was very efficient in the responding as always, at this point we're just waiting for SFC to report the almost certain loss.

    I guess they decided to use SFC to Europe and Fed Ex to the US? I've never used SFC before, as I rarely shop from China, but at this point I guess there's just been a bit of a general mess no matter which courier / destination.
  11. Shopan
    Anyone know if I were to connect the Xbox spdif to a soundcard spdif input. Will I fully utilized the mobius as if it is pc mode? Like the Xbox is going through the pc soundcard and then output to the mobius?
  12. KaiSc
    I have the Sennheiser HD800 and HD800S and these cannot compete with the "Out Of Head" experience Mobius provides in 3D mode.
    The HD800's soundstage is wide, but just going left to right on an axis through your ear.
    Opposed to that with Mobius 3D you're placed in a room, with the soundstage all around you, with sounds from front and back outside your head.
    This even works with low "Ambience" settings as my usual value of 22.

    Compared to the Mobius without 3D the HD800 has a bit wider soundstage, on cost of it's strange recessed upper midrange, which is the main reason for this effect.

    Not to mention that the HD800 has weaker bass, colored upper midrange and lower treble, ..., less versatility.
    Spectrally the HD800 sounds anemic and mid-centric compared to the Mobius.
    Even with Mobius set to "Flat EQ" it has more subbass, and you have the choices of the Default, Music and Warm EQs too.

    I have to admit that the reception of soundstage, and especially the 3D effect, is something very personal.
    But I am someone who did not get any benefit from any other 3D- or "Dummy Head / Artificial Head-" processing or recording - except with Mobius!
    And I tried a lot.

    Funny enough Mobius puts life into Dummy Head ("Kunstkopf"-) recordings I could not stand before, for example the ones made from AudioStax. One might think that this double encoding would not work, but in the way the Mobius does the processing it does not produce strange artifacts but adds what is missing in the original Neumann KU-xx recording's to give them a realistic soundstage.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  13. acia
    Hrtf works even when in moving vehicle. No joke.
  14. KaiSc

    Here is a hint that I was searching for such a long time, and just stumbled across the solution, so I'd like to share it with you all.

    In iOS Audio Volume Balance setting to correct the headphones out's L/R balance, the slider snaps back to center if it's only moved slightly (less then 4.8dB correction).
    So it's virtually impossible to correct the audio balance by the typical small amount needed, because the slider keeps snapping back to center!

    User gburt found a work around for the slider snapping into place with a set of headphones where the balance is just slightly off:

    When you adjust the slider the balance shifts smoothly and only snaps into place when you release it. If you find a non-snap location that you like, keep your finger on the slider in that position and shortly hit the home button to get out settings. The slider will not snap into a pre-defined location because it never detects your finger coming off the screen. If you go back into settings the balance will remain the same until you touch the balance slider again.
  15. foreverzer0
    Maybe I'm not getting the point, but can't you simply hit re-center on the headphone?
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