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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. jagwap
    Are the Mobius in any shops yet?

    The Hong Kong distributer has said verbally that they will have first stock the end of next week (19th October?)
  2. TheRealDoc
    Just thought I'd try and help with your issues, as I've been lucky enough to not have any.

    • Mine work in any USB port on a couple of different PC's, but all Windows 10. Maybe try some USB driver upgrades from the manufacturer?
    • The USB cable is far too short, but I've had success with any USB2 cable extension.
    • If these are your first pair of planar magnetic headphones, they will probably sound like the best headphones you ever used!
    • You say it's loud, you know that in USB mode, that they use the windows volume control that you can adjust on the left headphone or most keyboards come with volume shortcuts these days.
    • Going back to a regular gaming headset, with a different spatial audio processor will sound weird for a while, you;ve just got to get used to it and the performance will come back. The volume changes might help with this quicker.
  3. TheRealDoc
    I felt like being extravagant and ordered a second pair from scan.co.uk over the weekend, they still have the blue version in stock.

    All I know about my other pair is that SFC says that have been in Heathrow for a few days.......somewhere......
  4. tannji
    I tried this on two rigs built for gaming. One is a pedestrian budget first-gen i5 built almost a decade ago, with updates, and one is a raging, testosterone-infused budget-breaker, built about 2 weeks ago. Both are up to date with drivers.

    I was asking about cables and hubs, because the range of quality and sometimes compatibility (with hubs) is large. And regardless, the only port these phones have worked on were on USB3, on the newer PC build.

    These are probably not quite the best phones I have heard, but they are up there.

    I said they are loud, but I didn't say I couldn't adjust them. I am referring to the overall mix and details presented... and that the details that a FPS gamer would be looking for seem less accessible, or over-whelmed by the mix or over-all volume. Reducing volume obviously just makes everything less.

    I was actually referring to the fact that while my older headset sounds like crap now, (and it always did to some extent, which is why I almost backed Ossic, and bought these) I can locate sounds in FPS games much better with the crappy 7.1 emulation than I can with the Mobius. I hope that over time, my ear and brain will adjust, and that eventually I will reach a point where I hear detail and location better with the Mobius. To the point where going back to the older headset becomes a negative. I have seen and experienced this sort of acclimation in the past, and would hope to with Mobius.

    The fact is; these are very expensive for gaming headsets. (I am fully aware of the price range for audiophile cans) Competitive gamers will spend a lot of money on hardware, and then immediately adjust textures, turn off eye candy, etc... in the pursuit of detail and performance. I had hoped these would offer that level of competitive detail, whilst also sounding Great. So far, they just sound amazing, while only working in USB3 ports, and sometimes not even then. I have had them not show up as an available sound device, and had to play with rebooting, changing ports, power-cycling the headset, to get them to work. I hope that firmware updates can resolve that, but a competitive player, or a streamer would not put up with that, and I doubt a normal gamer would for long either.

    I will mess around some more over the next week as I have time off from work. Will also reach out to Audeze support, as I am curious as to how they will respond and what they can do.
  5. TheRealDoc
    Ah cool, have you tried the audeze hq windows app?

    You can change the 3d profile more easily in there which might better expose the sound frequencies you are looking for (probably, footsteps).
  6. acia
    Your mobius ma have become Tom hanks living in the terminal.
    brianza likes this.
  7. brianza
    Mine "have left SFC warehouse" about 1 FREAKING MONTH AGO, no more tracking updates since then... I suppose they probably arrived in Italy, and still stuck in the customs.
    Anyway Audeze cheaped out on the shipping, slow and with laughable tracking, at least for me. I know stuff from china can be painfully slow, but imo the problem is with the chino cheapo courier they chose.

    I already posted here couple days ago explaining everything, but still no email response from Audeze shipping and support departments.

    I pre-ordered months ago, and now the Mobius have already hit the shelves. Please sort this S**T out
  8. foreverzer0
    For those that don't feel you have issues with the mic, can you record brief clips so that we can compare?

    Thanks in advance!
  9. Razgriz05

    I agree with you that it could have been better, but its not really fair to blame Audeze for the fact that its taking the package forever to get through customs...Mine got through customs in 2 days here in the US, and arrived at my door about a week after it left China.

    That being said i hope you get your Mobius soon. I know the waiting sucks.
  10. Vitandus
    For those with mic problems - ensure you have Levels checked and volume maxed in the Windows properties. I haven’t experienced any issues with mine and Discord.
  11. brianza
    I share your opinion, anyways they had the choice of the carrier and for 30$ they could have gone much better.

    Problem is I feel the parcel may be lost or something, it's been 30+ days and most of euro people seemed to have had a faster delivery and correct tracking.
  12. Blotto80
    I fired mine up and played some Forza Horizon 4 and they worked spectacularly. 3.5mm into controller, 3D off on headphone, Atmos on in Xbox. Not quite as good as USB into the PC but that’s to be expected. The controller audio is probably a huge bottleneck. Thinking about running a long optical cable from my Xbox and use my portable DAC/Amp.
  13. griptears

    This past Tuesday I received a new set from Audeze to replace the ones that the courier driver stole instead of delivering back in September, and while they sound incredible it looks like I'm a victim of the audible hiss that was meant to have been fixed. I fully expected there to be a little bit of it considering they are bluetooth and powered and all that jazz. The hiss is almost imperceptible in the left ear. But the right it is loud enough that I can hear it over a lot of music and movie audio unless there is a lot happening in the track or scene.
    I feel like a total ass complaining after they were so helpful fixing the disaster that DHL caused me but the hiss makes it hard to enjoy in most situations.
  14. tdx
    I have a question for the owners of these headphones. How do they handle multichannel audio from movies in Bluetooth? Has anyone tried them with a PC playing a surround sound movie?

  15. sebas388
    hi, a mobius delibered to eeuu the 19 of september should be the fixed version, right?
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