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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. HungryPanda
    I just changed from Fostex HPA4BL to Sabaj D5 dac/amp and both are great with the LCD -X
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  2. d.eugene.a
    So, we already have a few options:
    - Fostex HPA4BL(500$)
    - Sabaj D5(500$)
    - Chord Mojo(500$)
    - Arcam iRDAC (1000$) + Schit Asgard 2(200$)

    All of them look good, it would be nice if somebody had a chance to compare them. Chord Mojo looks great for example, but I already have Fiio X5, so if Chord Mojo has any compromises that affect LCD-X maybe it doesn't have the sense to have 2 portable solutions, but idk.
    It becomes harder to find something to drive LCD-X properly then I expected :)
  3. CreditingKarma

    I would suggest the ifi micro idsd black label. It does very well with the lcd x and can drive even some hard to drive cans pretty well.
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  4. thebkt
    I second this motion.
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  5. Greendriver
    Getting used to my LCD-X now. They are very different to any of my other hphones! I look a little awkward with the scaffolding around my neck too! The newer headband is good though. But I am aware they are nowhere near their best with my equipment, although Sonarworks seems to help on my phone.
  6. MachineGunz

    I need a new amp suggestion for my LCD X's.

    Unfortunately it looks like my Gustard H10 is starting to die and I want to get a new amp at around 400$ max since I live outside of the US and will need to pay shipping and taxes.

    I can get a used chord mojo in my country for 340$.

    I also want the amp to be versatile and possible in case I will upgrade to the LCD 4 / FOCAL UTOPIA / ABYSS in the future.
  7. Lohb
    Emotiva basX A-100 along lines of Gustard if only needing an amp.
    Can have the power of the rear taps out the 6.3" or that resistor inside can be left in its slot at lower output, you can see power output difference in the specs. I think various mods/additions stressed some H10s to failure in the past, if I remember.
    At the price its at, you will have maybe more money for a better DAC in future as well. They should have local returns as well maybe. Need to check on that, but they do have North American and EU/UK retailers for a start, vs buying something bulky from Shenzhen etc.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
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  8. d.eugene.a
    I'm looking for an amp for LCD-X as well. It would be great to have something like a comparison table for DAC/amp for LCD-X. They sound very good from the iPhone, but I still have no clue what value brings more expensive DAC/Amp in this case. I saw great feedback that it sounds best with pentode tube amplifiers but I don't know any that easy to buy. It would be very helpful if somebody tried a few different amps from different price ranges.
  9. phthora
    I've tried the X on numerous amps, and they certainly do scale up with better gear. In fact, the difference between running them on my Black Label and running them on my Benchmark HPA4 is so stark that I no longer use them with the BL at all. Just because they don't require tons of power does not mean that they won't sound better with cleaner power.

    My recommendation is to get the THX 789 from Massdrop. Unless price is of no concern, then get the HPA4.
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  10. d.eugene.a
    Thanks for good suggestion! $3k for Benchmark HPA4 is too expensive for me. I haven't heard THX 789, but based on reviews I like it the most. The main issue with it to actually buy this thing from Massdrop, because it's available only for preorder, hope they will start selling them again soon.
  11. phthora
    Pre-order sure, but they'll start shipping them on 11/15. The wait is an inconvenience, but it's absolutely worthwhile. Unless it's an issue of shipping to Canada? There's also the Monoprice THX option, but I can't vouch for that personally.
  12. MachineGunz

    I read a bit about the THX 789 and found conflicting information.

    How does it compare to the Micro BL?

    Some people said that it paired really well with high impedance headphones but sounded less impressive with Audeze headphones.

    Some liked it with the HE 560 and LCD 2C and said it was still good but nos as impressive with the LCD X.

    Can you please share a short opinion about it? What music genres are you listening to?

    My current dac is the Modi 3.

    Thanks for your help.
  13. phthora
    The 789 tends to make headphones sound cleaner, faster, and more controlled, which usually translates to a wider soundstage and better imaging. While it doesn't change the frequency response in any way that I've noticed, it does tend to make headphones sound thinner, as in, less body, less decay, less fullness to the sound. That was ultimately why I didn't buy one. That's going to be a bigger detriment for some headphones and for some listeners than it was in my case with the X. I would imagine it would be more of a matter of personal taste than one of output impedance, however. For example, the Verite sounded far too thin for my taste on the 789 while the much warmer and slower Atticus was nicely improved by it.

    Conversely, the Black Label is comparatively slow and smooth and tends to make headphones sound lush and relaxing. While the X doesn't sound bad on the Black Label, it definitely does not live up to its potential and becomes hard to distinguish from the LCD-2F. If that lush, relaxed sound is what you're after, it does push the X in that direction. I find that the HE560 is a much better pairing with the Black Label, as it fills in some of the thinness of that headphone.

    Oh, and I listen to lots of stuff, but my X is mostly on a diet of progressive metal.
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  14. MachineGunz

    Thanks again!

    That really helped!

    I am actually mostly listening to metal songs and am looking for the best experience possible.

    I want an in your face aggressive sound.

    I just started a thread here at the high end forum about it.

    Please take a look at it and share your thoughts.
  15. phthora
    My initial thought is that those guys are going to get you to spend a lot of money...
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