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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. Icenine2
    I couldn't find any pictures of this but it is in Jude's CanJam Preview.  He stated it was quite good and a bit more neutral than the LCD3.  There's a LCDXC which is closed design.  Wow!  Choices!
  2. Icenine2
    CanJam preview 24:28 in to view!
  3. Yoga
    Now that's interesting. Can't wait to read some reviews from the experienced peeps here!
  4. negura
    Well, LCD-3s with a more neutral signature and similar resolution and IF with that the soundstaging and imaging are improved, we may have a winner.
  5. warrenpchi Administrator
  6. DairyProduce
    I don't quite understand what it's selling point is. Is it just supposed to have a different voicing + look?
  7. mwindham08
    That's what I'm wondering. It seems a little too close to the LCD-3 price to justify buying it. I would just assume wait for a used LCD-3 I think.  
  8. mwindham08
    Of course if the rumors are true and its on par or better than the LCD 3, then its like getting a 300 dollar discount
  9. TMRaven
    It's said to be more efficient than the LCD2/3.  Better hope people don't pair it with sub thousand dollars amps and dacs, otherwise it'll get moved out of summit-fi and in to full-sized.
  10. Jd007
    Here's a picture of the LCD-X next to the LCD-XC
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  11. philo50
  12. paradoxper
    Kind of agree. But won't fully judge 'til I hear it.
    Pricing seems wonky though. IF you're gonna spend $1700 - what's another $300 for the LCD-3 really.
  13. TMRaven
    Yes that is supposedly the selling point.  Neutrality.  
  14. knopi
    Everybody know here LCD3 is quite overpriced and they would replace their position in my opinion because how much will cost one day their top which could be really worth for that price.. 
    And LCD-X neutral? ..Finally! It could be really great headphone!!! 
  15. DairyProduce
    Just gotta wait till it actually comes out and people get their hands on them
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