Audeze LCD-X
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I couldn't find any pictures of this but it is in Jude's CanJam Preview.  He stated it was quite good and a bit more neutral than the LCD3.  There's a LCDXC which is closed design.  Wow!  Choices!
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Now that's interesting. Can't wait to read some reviews from the experienced peeps here!
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Well, LCD-3s with a more neutral signature and similar resolution and IF with that the soundstaging and imaging are improved, we may have a winner.
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  I don't quite understand what it's selling point is. Is it just supposed to have a different voicing + look?

Kind of agree. But won't fully judge 'til I hear it.
Pricing seems wonky though. IF you're gonna spend $1700 - what's another $300 for the LCD-3 really.
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Everybody know here LCD3 is quite overpriced and they would replace their position in my opinion because how much will cost one day their top which could be really worth for that price.. 
And LCD-X neutral? ..Finally! It could be really great headphone!!! 

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