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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. Greendriver
    Using mine with Sonarworks, seems to improve clarity.
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  2. Reckless95
    Funny, I've never reviewed something online, weather it's a place I've ate or a product I've bought.
  3. insomnyteq
    so i was able to scoop a pair of very nice like new LCD-XC but the right side is dead. given all the regular driver issues these have had, how can i confirm that this is the issue, ( ive already done the typical troubleshooting like switching cables etc etc) these seem very easy to open up, im certain the warranty is out on these as it has the older head band, so whats the best way to go about fixing these?
  4. makan
    Do you know what year it was manufactured? Sometimes there is a card that states that or if you have the original receipt, and If it either is still within 3 years, then contact Audeze and they will fix it under warranty. Otherwise, I believe it is US$580 to get new drivers and a fresh 3 year warranty on them.
  5. insomnyteq
    not sure the serial starts with 852 but there isnt a tag with the build date. $580 is crazy for a driver repair...can tehy be bought 3rd party? it cant be terribly difficult to repair
  6. makan
    You can contact Audeze to see when the date of manufacture was. If it is the driver that is broken, I don’t think you will be able to find a third-party to repair it.it will require a new pair of drivers.
  7. qboogie
    I'm glad I read this before buying the black dragons, seems like a lot of money to spend on something that might interfere with the clarity and openness of the LCD-X
  8. bobo64
    Hello everyone, I've just joined the thread to share my inital impressions. Recently, I sold all my headphones - Senns, Beyers, AKG's, HE 400i, AQ Nighthawk and decided (worrynog a lot about my wallet) to enter the Audeze world. Last month, I bought a lightly used LCD 2 and was delighted to hear that rich, full and natural sound. Yesterday, (under the impression after listening to LCD 2), I went to my local dealer and came back with a brand new LCD X (recent batch - new headband style). What to say? I put them on my head and started listening and watching TOTO 35 anniversary in Poland Blu ray. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Drum kick, Lucather's guitar riffs, William's voice, background vocals, imaging and separation with unbelievable weight in low end. I felt like I was there! Goosebumps all over my body! Now, I know what I've been missing for years!
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  9. qboogie
    Glad they live up to expectations. That meaty sound is astounding. Makes me wonder what the LCD-24 or the Rad-0 sound like...sigh, man this hobby is expensive
  10. bobo64
    Expensive it is! But only when or if you enter the high end territory. For about 20 years I stuck to mid fi headphones and spending 200-250$ on a new pair wasn't much of an issue. Now, as soon as I left that territory, I caught muself splashing 2k in a month! It is quite dangerous and a lot of self discipline is required.
  11. d.eugene.a
    Hi! I am almost ready to buy LCD-X but I'm not sure about the amplifier. I have Fiio X5 and based on some reviews LCDX doesn't need a lot of power, and it may be even enough. At the same time, I've been reading forums where people use very expensive amplifiers with these headphones, like Chord Hugo 2(2500$) for example. I'm considering trying to get THX AAA 789, but it would be nice to know other opinions about what is the best DAC/Amp for LCD-X, what the difference between Origen G2, Atom, 789, etc. Also, I saw good feedback about tube amplifiers for LCD lineup, but I don't know anything about them, what is the price, lcdx has low impedance - wouldn't it be an issue? I would appreciate any comments on the topic!
  12. bobo64
    I've never used tube amps because I'm not into tube rolling at all. I find it too fussy. i've always preferred a good, reliable solid state amp. For years I've been using this combo Arcam iRDAC + Schit Asgard 2 and I really have no somplaint. They drive my LCD 2 with a lot of power to spare (high gain, 12 o'clock - pretty loud). I listen my LCD-X on low gain, again at 12 o'clock - more than enough power. Neutral and natural sound, no coloration, great dynamics, exactly what I need. For the money, I can't ask for more. Btw, I would never drive any LCD cans from DAPs, 'cause they deserve much more, not only in terms of power.
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  13. d.eugene.a
    Thanks for the response! Using my fiio x5 with Audeze LCD-X will be a temporal solution until I figure out what to get to drive them properly. Question about your setup - usually I see that amplifier is more expensive than DAC but in your case, it's the opposite, right? Does it have anything with fact that LCD-X doesn't need that much in terms of power? Sorry, if these questions don't have any sense, I'm still wrapping my head around all this stuff.
  14. bobo64
    Yes, You're right. In my case, DAC is more expensive. Probably, because I had some bad experience with cheaper DACs in the past and I realized how important DAC is in the audio chain. LCD-X really don't need enough power, but in my opinion, the amp HAS to be neutral. That's why I like Asgard 2. If you added any coloration to LCD-X, that would be too much since they are already warm enough. Btw, I disagree with people saying they are dry sounding!? They could be anything else but dry! I find them warmer than LCD 2.
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  15. dbturbo2
    Been using a Chord Mojo with my LCD-X for the past 2 years and the sound is fantastic.
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