Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. AlwaysForward
    Probably best to focus on i4 Cipher for mobile use with EQ and PC+TOTL DAC at home
  2. kubig123
    I contact Audeze customer service today and now I have a cipher cable on order, thank you!

    I'm really happy with their customer service.
  3. Gowry
  4. lithiumnk
    Audeze customer service is awesome.
    They have agreed to ship the lcd i4 cipher cable internationally in my case.
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  5. Audeze
    Cipher V2 Lightning cable for LCDi4!

    We’ve had many requests from LCDi4 owners for a version of our Cipher Lightning cable so they would have a nice, integrated amp/DAC solution for travel and voice calls. The original cable couldn’t be used as the amplifier wasn’t powerful enough to drive the LCDi4 correctly. But we now have a new version of our ground-breaking Cipher Lightning cable that will drive the LCDi4s.
    Here’s what’s new in Cipher V2 for i4:

    1) Fully balanced headphone amplifier! The new Cipher V2 has been designed to operate in fully balanced mode. This means that the Cipher V2 delivers double the voltage swing for greater output levels.
    2) Improved DAC and DSP sections - Improves on the already good Amp and DAC for a more transparent sound and adds an even more powerful DSP. Sample rate and bit rate support remains the same as Cipher V1.
    3) It is almost 50% lighter and about 20% smaller than the previous version, making it more comfortable.
    4) New Apple LAM2 chip platform - It also uses the new Apple LAM2 platform for better efficiency and lower power consumption.
    5) Dual microphones -- It has two input microphones for clearer voice calls. And the iSINEs were already recognized has having the best call quality of ANY made-for-Apple headset.
    6) Four buttons - A fourth button allows you to mute/un-mute the microphone during conference calls. This is also programmable for additional functions in the future.
    7) A new App to go with it - A new app called “Audeze HQ” accompanies the new Cipher cable and can be downloaded from the App Store.

    THE BEST PART: The Cipher V2 Lightning cable for LCDi4 registered owners, who would like to use it with an iOS device, is FREE! This is our way of saying “Thank You” for being part of the Audeze family. If you already own an LCDi4 and use Apple devices, then just give us a call to get your Cipher V2 cable. This also applies to future purchasers.

    **Please note that the Cipher V2 for iSine10/20 cannot be used with the Cipher V2 cable for the LCD-i4 as they have very different tunings. How do I know if I have Cipher V2 for iSine10/20 or i4. The Audeze HQ app can be used to identify which cable you are using.
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  6. lithiumnk
    Thanks !
  7. Shmuel
    Can't wait to give it a try.

    Thanks, Audeze!
  8. miko64
    This is really great news. Of the ones having it and using also Hugo 2 I would be interested in their views? I am just sitting in front of my MacBook Pro + AudirvanaPlus + Audeze Reveal + i4 + Hugo 2. There is really not a lt to complain even when comparing i4 to LCD-X - i4 is really very good.
  9. Bastianpp
    In the future audeze lcd i4 will have a something like cipher cable for DAP?
  10. AlwaysForward
    Doesn’t Cipher essentially turn iOS into a DAP? They’ve posted the EQ curves for compatibile apps on mobile device platforms but there’s no way to use VST plugins on Android at this time. Unless someone who reads this is a strong XDA developer and wants to put out some open source software that requires root.

    It’s looking like, if you want the Audeze EQ curve there are a few paths:
    Program the curve into a mobile app by hand
    Use the plugin on a PC/MAC + source equipment of choice
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  11. Deftone
    Why? it would render the DAP useless, in that case just use your phone...
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  12. Bastianpp
    i mean, use the dac + amp of your dap but with the eq of audeze, not use dac + amp like cipher
    I don't know, but the idea is great, i hope someday test this headphone with my dap....
  13. AlwaysForward
    It’ll work great. Remember, people loved these and all the other Audeze cans before they offered SSP filters as the cherry on top.

    is your DAP Android? If so, there are players you can use to tune your files accordingly. Otherwise, why not just get an iPod Touch to use with Cipher? Seems like the best DAP there is for these babies.

    And Let's be real, you can get a used iPod very cheap compared to the LCD i4. Or most DAP for that matter. Especially when everyone here gets into pairings. iPod touch is literally a perfect mobile DAP pairing for these with Cipher.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
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  14. bifeo001
    image.jpeg Loving my cipher v2 for the lcdi4 paired with my iPhone X. Still trying to put together a review for these babes.
  15. Cognacbrown
    I wonder how would these compare to the isine20 20 with its cipher cable.
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