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Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. EagleWings
  2. Decreate
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  3. jonstatt
    Anyone else getting the runaround trying to get this internationally? I contacted Audeze who directed me back to the UK place I purchased it from, Scan, and they didn't have a clue. Audeze said if I had issues I could find the Cipher cable on their website and gave me a code to discount it, but I can't find the i4 version of it on the website. I am going to escalate it to a Scan manager (as they are also the UK distributor) but if not I am stuck.
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  4. lithiumnk
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  5. All Day Breakfast
    Given the worldwide market size for iOS and Android (phones & tablets) and that almost all audiophiles own a mobile device doesn’t that limitation to PCs sound like a business opportunity?
    As I’m considering buying the LCDi4 I contacted Audeze and asked about how I might get the new cipher cable if I buy the LCDi4. I also live in the UK. They told me:

    “If you purchase the i4s from one of our dealers in your area you can reach out to our distributor there for assistance with that. In the UK this will most likely be Exertis.“

    I’m not sure why the slight equivocation with the “most likely be” but Exertis have been helpful in the past.
  6. jonstatt
    Probably because Scan are acting as a distributor as well as a reseller for some. I have tried reaching one of the Scan Pro people that Audeze suggested but no luck yet. Will keep trying
  7. AlwaysForward
    What I'm curious about is how the new cable compares to Mojo
  8. Jalo
    From everything I read in this thread is that the i4 requires a lot of power to make it sounds good. So can someone with the cipher v2 cable tells me how does it work with an iOS device especially with an iPhone how can an iPhone power the i4 sufficiently? I thought the cipher v2 is only a dsp filter, does it add power also?
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    I honestly believe that a lot of it has nothing to do with the actual need for excessive power, but rather the need for quality implementation of the upstream gear given how revealing the i4 is. The specs say the i4 will run fine from most devices, and when listening at reasonable volume the i4 wouldn’t draw anywhere near the stated max power from ‘powerful’ devices anyway. DSP in the cypher cable can go a long way to altering the sound to create a pleasant listening experience and at the same time provide enough power to satisfy the volume requirements according to the specs. Don’t fall for the 1W of unused power is necessary marketing trap, because at normal listening levels you’d actually be using maybe 1/10th of that or less.
  10. Jalo
    You have a good point about power and very true indeed. However I have to use 100/120 on my Wm1Z volume pot from the balance output (250 mv), just can't understand how can an iphone even drive it. They also say with plannar driver, it is voltage not wattage that is needed. Thanks anyway.
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  11. Cagin
    I'm also waiting for the LCD-i4 Cypher v2. The Benelux distributor Terrason hasn't replied to my email. So I contact the store from which I bought it and awaiting now for him to get confirmation from Audeze/distributor I guess.
  12. commtrd
    Well to say that the i4 (planar magnetics) need the voltage implies they are really high impedance devices? I don't know about that but I do think that they will scale nicely with a good strong clean amp.
    Thinking pretty seriously about checking out one of these. With the Hugo2 as the dac. I suspect those i4 will sing hooked up to a Milo. Actually any headphone would be forced to wake up and show what they can do with a lineup like that.
  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    Actually with planar drivers it’s Current that’s crucial. Wattage is both Current and Voltage multiplied together, but you’re correct, straight Wattage is a misleading spec and rather useless IMO without knowing the Current and Voltage. Either way, the i4 is very small compared to planar headphones and the driver excursion is also very small so the power requirements really aren’t that much, especially with a 105dB / 1mW sensitivity. I can’t comment on th Wm1Z as I haven’t heard it, but perhaps the class D amplification is at play with the Sony, or perhaps the Sony delivers very little Current.

    Obviously Audeze feels the iPhone with the cypher cable is enough or they wouldn’t have gone down that road.
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  14. headwhacker
    Well you know the headphone's impedance. In case of LCDi4 it is purely resistive. You can still detemine the current and voltage needed given the power.
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Yes, I should have said that in general, for most consumers who don’t know Ohms law, the watt spec can be a marketing trap.
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