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Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. Emerald Core

    The $2,495 LCD-i4 utilises the same ultra-thin diaphragm as the LCD-4: so thin it’s about the width of a white blood cell. To this, Audeze adds its patented focused magnet technology, Fluxor™ and patented Uniforce™ voice-coil technology. Designed and assembled at Audeze’s California factory, its unique form factor is again a joint effort with strategic partner Designworks, a BMW Group Company.

    Audeze say they “added more strength to their revolutionary iSINE-style housing by using a magnesium outer half, which adds real bass impact down to our 10Hz bass response. The magnesium also gives us sound-deadening properties to help prevent ringing, and therefore, smearing of the mid-to-high frequencies.”

    “Like our recently introduced iSINE 10 & iSINE 20 planar magnetic in-ears, the LCD-i4 presents a completely revolutionary listening experience. You finally get a truly wide and accurate soundstage, superior transient response, bass response flat from 900Hz down to 10Hz, and, because it is a single 30mm driver, it has a coherency of sound lacking in multi-driver designs. With an impedance of about 35 ohms, it should be used with a high-quality headphone amplifier. Completing the new LCD-i4 package is a new premium, braided cable made of silver-plated OCC copper with Kevlar threads for additional strength. Optional cables terminated in 4 pin XLR and 2.5mm TRRS balanced will be available soon”.

    The weight of the LCD-i4 is only 12 grams per side.

    “The LCD-i4 in-ear planar magnetic headphones approach the highest level of sound reproduction that the LCD-4’s are so highly regarded for, enabling the discriminating music lover to enjoy that extraordinary level of performance with them both inside and outside their home,” said CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram.

    “We’re really proud of this groundbreaking work, and are yet another example of how Audeze pushes headphone innovation to the absolute limit of performance and practicality.”

    The new in-ear headphones ship in June and can be pre-ordered now.

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  2. reddog
    I am tempted by these bad boys. I was blown away by th e iSine 20 but can the LCD i4 sound $1900 better. I must read the reviews, perhaps audition them.
  3. raypin
    Mm...the iSine10 delivers for me. Good bang for the buck. Purposely ignored the iSine 20, in anticipation of the i4. Curious as well whether the i4 will blow the iSine 20 out of the water, as the price premium seems to suggest. Is it the mini-LCD 4?

    I like the design of the i4. None of the crazy spiderman/tie fighter inspired design.
    Last edited: May 18, 2017
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  4. rskbug
    I have a bad feeling my bank account will be lighter by $2500 sooner or later.
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  5. Nick727
    $2,500 for in-ears? Price gauging at it's finest here people. I'm amazed people are OK with companies continuing to raise the prices of headphones to ridiculous amounts.
  6. FastAndClean
    but it sound good
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  7. raypin
    Ot: Mm..guys, stop trolling. Stick with your 25 dollar headphone and be content. Leave the rest of us who are into this stuff alone.
  8. obsidyen
    Why is so expensive? Because it sound good.
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  9. audionewbi
    More expensive than the Unique melody planar IEM.
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  10. reddog
    I hope a custom cable craftsman will make a cable a tad longer than 4 feet or 1.2 meters, at a reasonable price. One should pay a good price for a good custom cable.
  11. wdh777
    The thing that gives me pause is they need to be driven by an amp. I like the portability of the 20s with the cypher cable. I wonder what their reference to a high quality amp is? Would a mojo drive these? Or would you need something else. Can't wait for the reviews.
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  12. Audeze
    You can drive it using a mojo easily. i4 + mojo is one of our test rigs during development
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
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  13. joshnor713
    Are these open-back like the iSine? If so, I'll stop considering them. I seriously don't get open-back on IEMs. They're meant to take on the go, when you don't want sound leak.
  14. raypin
    Mm..open-backed. The idea is to experience an open-backed headphone in a portable/iem form factor. That is what sets the iSine series apart from regular iems.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
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  15. mochill
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