Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. Fafner
    Pretty sure this has already been discussed in the past, but concerning Cypher, is something similar in the works for the Android world or is it just not technically possible on that ecosystem?
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  2. sorrick
    Well, I just got my i4 cipher cable in the mail and have been testing it out and I am impressed. It is not a Hugo2 in terms of the level of detail retrieval, but it certainly has enough juice to drive it so it sounds great, and the ability to have it provide the roon plugin tuning (and additional adjustments to suit personal preferences via the app) combined with the portability makes it a pretty compelling option if you use an iPhone for your music on the go. As someone who most often uses tidal from my iphone, it is particularly compelling because there are really no good ways to add eq to Tidal off an iPhone (as has been discussed here, captune’s interface is so clunky that it is effectively not useful). I will have to do a lot more listening to get a real sense of how the cipher compares to other (portable) dacs/amps, but if you have an iPhone, I can’t see why any i4 owner would not want to get the cipher as a free option.
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  3. Shmuel

    I take it there is no way to use a hugo2 in the mix?
  4. Jalo
    somebody please compare cipher cable to Hugo2
  5. Deftone
    That’s not really a fair comparison is it.
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  6. yellowblue
    After 100 hours burn I really like the i4 from my Chord Dave - so much that I am selling my Focal Utopia. Was a bit unsure about the midths but with the Audeze-Plugin in Roon it sounds fine. Though I didn´t like what the plugin does to the treble of the i4 - it takes away all the fresh sound of the i4. Så I decided to do that beside using the Audeze Plugin:
    [​IMG] upload_2017-11-10_19-11-36.png

    Now I really like what I hear. Those who have Roon - try this out!
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  7. Jalo
    The purpose is not to find out which one is better but to understand the differences.
  8. lithiumnk
    Thanks for pointing out the sound signature in the treble with lcd i4 roon plugin.
    I was thinking that i'm the only one with the same observation.
    I tried your pmeq settings in roon with some correction around the 1.5k with few tracks which had questionable trebles with roon plugin & it worked. (personal preference)
    Also, getting rid of your utopia after listening to lcd i4 is a very bold statement imo.
    Can you post some comparison points ?
    Thanks again.
  9. tgx78
    Bold statement indeed. As an owner of utopia and possible buyer of the LCD i4, I would love to hear some comparison as well.
  10. yellowblue
    Yes, it is a bold statement and I didn´t want to say that the i4 is better than the Utopia. If I only had one headphone I would choose the Utopia over the i4 - but just by a small margin. The Utopia wins because it is the more balanced headphone.
    But I own the HE-1000 and it is always close between the HE-1000 and the Utopia which one I like to choose - and even if they are different I am as happy with both with every recording. The i4 is a real alternative because of its "freshness", detail and transperancy - especially with the Chord Dave. In those departments I like them more than the Utopia and teh HE-1000. And there are some recordings where I clearly will choose the i4 over the HE-1000 and the Utopia. In short terms - the i4 is the best "alternative" headphone I know.
    But I wouldn´t like it as much without EQ. Without EQ I found it a little fatiguing. With the "double EQ" it is real fun.

    lithiumnk, what did you do for changes around 1.5k?
  11. sorrick
    So I will preface this with the statement that I think the best comparison to actually get at the differences would be using the Hugo2 with the roon or reveal plugin as then you are comparing the exact same same sound signatures. However, since I don’t have that capability at the moment, from my initial hour and a half or so of listening to Tidal hifi from an iPhone through the cipher cable, the Hugo2 gives you more detail and a more transparent, holographic, 3-dimensional presentation, while the cipher gives up some of the detail and depth, but adds a bit of thickness to the sound. I personally would never describe the i4s as thin or hollow out of the hugo2, but the cipher cable does seem to provide a slightly thicker, more full throated quality to the sound. My sense without having heard the Hugo2 with the dsp but from reading others comments is that this is likely more a factor of the dsp itself rather than anything the cipher’s amp/dac is doing. The i4s sound very good through both the cipher and the Hugo2, but the Hugo2 gives more of that wow quality because of how holographic and transparent it is. But we’re comparing a $2k+ dac/amp to a free one, so as others said, it really isn’t fair. For what it’s worth, when I got the hugo2, the big things I noticed it added compared to the Mojo were more depth, details, transparency, and holographic sound, so comparing the cipher to a Mojo may be a more apt comparison. As others have said the Hugo2 with the i4s is really a special pairing. However, I’m definitely glad I got the cipher and can see myself opting for it as opposed to the Hugo 2 and the cck and usb cable it requires to work with the iPhone when I’m on the go.
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  12. lithiumnk
    Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 02.04.38.png

    To correct the peak around 1.5k. Its my personal preference.
    It corrects the vocals to a large extent on many tracks imo.
    Thanks for the comparison.
  13. Gowry
    Thank you,

    I felt I was missing something in the treble but hadn't sorted it out yet. I'll give this a try.

    I also feel like my i4's replace my LCD-X and LCD-XC. I was using the XC at work, but now I've switched to the i4s. I still probably need to get something for when I need good isolation, but between the HE1Kv2 and these i4's I feel I'm pretty set.
    With Audeze releasing all of this EQ software, I sometimes wish I'd opted for the LCD4s now, but I'm happy with my HE1K and some EQ, too.
  14. kubig123
    Finally got the cipher cable for the i4, I'll try it tonight, really curious to see how the i4 will sound. :ksc75smile:

    IMG_4059.jpg IMG_4059.jpg
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  15. Fafner
    I contacted the (swiss) shop I got my LCDi4 from, after having inquired Audeze Switzerland they confirmed I'll receive a cable, possibly already tomorrow.
    I'm not using an iOS device right now, apart from an old iPad 4 I don't use that much anymore which could serve the purpose, but in the future who knows. At least I'll have it ready just in case...
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