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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. omniweltall
    Welcome back! We almost lost you there LOL.

    @betula, if you're interested, try swapping the pads into Dekoni velour. I did it last night...finally....after much reservation. The FR improved quite a bit. It becomes more balanced from top to bottom. But I still prefer the feel of the stock pads. It is prob my fav pads in terms of comfort. So thick and smooth.

    I also see that you have been trying out lots of gears lately. Good for you! It is great for comparisons.

    I had the same impression as well. I really liked the LCD-4, but not by a big margin from the 2C. It is not worth the extra price.

    Without EQ-ing the bass, there will always be something missing from the HD800(s). Wait till you try boosting that bass and add a tube amp to thicken that thin mid. It is my benchmark for summit-fi can.

    I didn't try this one yet. I'm getting mixed impressions. People either love 'em or hate 'em. Not sure why. It sure looks great though. Prob one of the best looking can I have seen lately.
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  2. Mr B1
    Thank you for the review & extensive comparisons here and on the other thread, Betula. I am interested in the ZMFs and LCDs, but the price of entry for being where it is, it's very helpful to see them being compared - especially since my favourite (with my limited experience) has become the LCD2c. Perhaps the Atticus is a nice but costly replacement for my AFC...

    On the LCD2c front something happened....this weekend I picked up my custom build McChanson 6EM7 tube amp (2x2W, class A, single ended triode, very neutral) and that improved my enjoyment of the LCD2Cs very nicely!
    With it, it's got more space and depth to the soundstage, less treble grain, easier separation, deeper and more textured sub bass, less fatiguing - and really with no draw backs that I noticed otherwise - the EQ didn't change. It still has the attack / impact / detail / heft that the Violectric has.. but it's made a leap to feeling there's very little in between me and the music/ voices/ instruments... so it seems these LCD2c's scale very nicely (I was unimpressed with the v30+, Aune X7s for example)
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  3. WildStyle-R11
    I always appreciate your opinion, as we have a very similar goal in the end. As far as sound signature is concerned. I myself am currently concentrating and wasting money on the little things, Getting more proper cables for my 2C's and the rest of the system and with that I am also probably going to get RME ADI 2 DAC as it is just the perfect DAC for me. I have never really considered any dac's as they all are pretty unimpressive with the features. But RME with EQ is exactly what I need. Now 2C sound perfect on their own, with the right volume on a perfect recording. But when it comes to relaxing and poor recordings, I rather turn the volume down and EQ the bass up a bit. And now that I have cut my hair, the Seal of the earpads are back and I have Velours on order. A lot of changes at once probably not wise, but oh well.
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  4. omniweltall
    Not surprised. Audeze cans always liked tubes. I use one myself.
  5. betula
    AFC and Atticus are very different, I would say polar opposites. AFC is a neutral polite sounding headphone while the Atticus is bold with huge bass tuned for fun.

    The 2C does indeed scale very well. I have never heard them so great as they were out of the TT2/MScaler combo.
  6. TheStalker79
    Been using the LCD-2Cs with a Fiio M9 until recently. Bought an iFi iDSD Micro BL this week though and stacked it with a Note 3 as I was tired of the Fiio's sluggish UI. What a difference in sound from the LCD-2Cs using a more powerful source! The cans really come alive with more watts of power. Love the depth and clarity of the bass.
    [​IMG] IMG_20190406_222624.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
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  7. Mr B1
    Exactly why it needs replacing :) And thank you.
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  8. Suppa92
    Verum 1 and LCD-2C owners, need your opinion on this matter :o2smile:
    If you had to pick only one from Verum 1 and LCD-2C, what would be your choice?
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  9. Lohb
    I found the iFi iDSD Micro a bit too too bright as I cranked the volume last year when I had it....is BL like that ?... though I guess it would balance out a bit the way the 2C is.
  10. TheStalker79
    I wouldn't say it sounds particularly bright, especially with these cans. I usually have the bass boost on as I mostly listen to the darker EDM stuff. The highs sound clear, but not overbearing.
  11. blackdragon87
    Nice, glad you like the bl with the 2c. Should be getting my Bl in tmr. I'm thinking that my 2c with the bl will be my main desktop setup for sometime
  12. joeexp

    Purely based on the resale value.
    Audeze is a vey well known brand.
    Verum? Not so much
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  13. Suppa92
    What if ignoring everything except Sound quality & durability?
    Still go with LCD-2Cs?
  14. joeexp
    They are in the same ballpark sound quality wise. (both with some weaknesses, well documented);
    Depends what you are looking for!?
  15. Suppa92
    I like the same sort of bass I can get from LCD-2Cs with tad bit better mid range clarity, you know like female voices and violins etc. I really don't care much about performance of high frequencies.
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