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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    Finally back to the LCD2C after a few rounds elsewhere. Selling and rebuying (which wasn't my initial purpose).

    They might not be the most natural and spacious sounding headphones out there, but man they are fun to listen to. This bass is highly addictive especially if your music, like mine, requires high quality bass.

    One user not long ago stated that his second LCD2C sounds different and is more resolving. Apart from the new warranty on my new unit I was curious to hear if there is any difference compared to my previous 2C. Well, there isn't much.

    I find the main differences in build. The leather strap now has a bigger distance from the metal strap. On my old unit the leather had touched the metal from day one. This is also obvious from the slide settings I use. On my old 2C I used the setting one before the last one. On my new 2C I have to use the last setting. Apart from this I can't feel any difference in comfort. The leather touching the metal didn't make it uncomfortable to me, it is the exact same feeling. Also, the slide moves easier on the new pair.

    The pads feel a bit different too, but that might be just because they are new.

    Sound-wise I can't hear a difference. I would say the new pair sounds a bit 'raw', but I am not sure.
    Audeze said, the film in the transducers loosen a bit by time and that makes a little rattle noise which is normal. I can't hear any noise on my new pair yet, so that might mean the sound will change a little bit too. I expect the 'rawness' to go and a little increase in coherency and smoothness.
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  2. joeexp
    Some people got good results using Velour Earpads with their LCD-2Cs to improve the midrange performance.
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  3. betula
    What other sonic differences do you hear?
    I suspect the velour pads bring closer the 2C to the fazor LCD2. Mids are quite a bit more balanced and better overall but bass (and treble) decreases. Is that correct?

    I also love the touch of the original 2C pads. It is such a nice feeling. Even though the HEXV2 is much lighter, I just didn't like the feel of those pads.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  4. omniweltall
    The 2C tonality improved quite a lot with the velour pads. The FR becomes more even from top to bottom. Less laid-back. The upper mids becomes more pronounced, and many instruments come out better. Female vocal benefits too.

    This is still the 2C, but I'm interested in your opinion on Velour 2C vs HEXv2. Of course, the 2C will not have the HEX's air and openness. But HEX will also not have Audeze heft and dynamics. This should be a more interesting contest.
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  5. betula
    I am interested too, but kind of can't be bothered swapping the 2C pads. It seems such a hassle with all this gluey thing. What if I want to put the original pads back immediately?

    Have you ever heard the LCD2f? I found the sound very similar to what you describe with the 2C+velour pads.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  6. omniweltall
    Let me think....I tried pre-fazor LCD 2. I can't remember which LCD 3 I tried. I can't remember if I tried the LCD2F. There were quite a few variations. And the fact that LCD2 and 3 look exactly the same doesn't help too. I don't know if I tried it or not, man :frowning2:

    Swapping the pads is easier that you think. There is a youtube video you can use as a guide. Just do it gently and slowly. I had the same concern. If you wish to go back to the original pads, you need a new glue. Troublesome. That is why I held off so long, before decided to change.

    D@mn you, Audeze! Why glue??
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  7. betula
    I didn't like the LCD3 and prefer the 2C to the 2f. Have you experienced any decrease in bass with the velour pads?
  8. omniweltall
    I need a longer listen as I just changed it recently and I've been really busy with work lately.

    So far, I don't notice any worsening with the Velour pads. The bass is equally as good to me.
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  9. betula
    I bought my previous unit in July 2018, the new one in April 2019. According to the serial number Audeze sold 1895 LCD2C's during this period. I think that counts as quite popular. Perhaps people realise what a good value for money these headphones are even with poor sources. And man, how much they improve with good amps! :)
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  10. omniweltall
    Im glad they sold that many. The build quality and good look alone more than justifies the price for me. Though in stock form, the sound may be a hit or miss for some people, I need it to complement my other cans. It is a relaxed listening after a long day at work.
  11. betula
    IMO all headphones above £300 come down to personal preference pretty much, regardless of price. The 2C at $800/£600 is fantastic value. Easily beats some other headphones for twice the price.
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  12. WildStyle-R11
    Talking about sources. I got my RME ADI 2 DAC today. Oh boy, I just discovered how much detail 2C's can push. I have it passing the signal to my HA-1, never really used the DAC on the HA-1, was a bit bright for my taste. Had been using my CD players DAC, which was surprisingly good and less annoying. But now that I have my RME oh boy so SMOOOOOOTH. Also that cleared up my chain a bit. Now I don't feel the need for EQ even on low volume? Odd...

    Agreed, they look and feel solid. And something about them is attractive.

    Yeah, when you get into the good sounding mid tier, there are a lot of choices, but all for a reason.

    Still waiting for all my cables to arrive and I got velours on the ready, probably will swap them tomorrow. Will see if I can make sense of it.

    Also Crossfeed, where have you been all my life! Makes me want the Phonitor XE even more, But not at the moment.
  13. BubbaJay
    I've been using the Dekoni velour pads for a little while now and there is no loss of bass imo. The highs took a small step back at first but now I feel like they sound as good as they do with the stock pads. The soundstage is a bit wider to me also which is a plus so overall I think the velour pads are an improvement over the stock ones.
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  14. omniweltall
    A bit stuffy on the ear though. The stock one feels nice on the ears.
  15. Fegefeuer
    I agree on the Dekoni EV. Bass is for the better imo as it's less boxed in and spreads out its energy more even giving more breathing room and thus is more enveloping. Upper mids and more even treble are the greatest benefit though.
    Glueing the pads helps maintaing sub bass response.

    I'm looking forward to the High End in Munich, hopefully the LCD-24 shows up finally.
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