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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. WildStyle-R11
    Well planar headphones are pretty heavy by default. But I do agree, they could. A good example? Abyss Diana Phi. Like, It looks normal is much lighter, still sounds impressive, MAGNETIC EAR PADS! How hard can it be? I am one of those people that do go for a thing, judging by looks. Albeit there is no real set standard, it whatever speaks to me and 2C does in certain areas. But damn in comparison Diana just steam rolls with that look. I just like simple things, not 2 headbands, I know comfortable, but plenty headphones use just one and are more than comfortable, so clearly it works. I'm just at that point I can be picky with looks, because otherwise Broke. :D
  2. omniweltall
    The 2C's weight is fine for me. An improvement over past models. I guess it depends on each person's preference and neck strength, but I dont mind a slight weight when accompanied with build quality and good weight distribution, which the 2C has. Some manufacturers use lightweight as an excuse to cut cost. I also find some of the most beautiful cans to be a bit on the heavy side (ZMF, Audeze).

    What i dislike most from the 2C is actually the glued earpads. It is ugly and disgusting. Ironically, the pads are probably one of the best I have ever tried. So plush like a baby's butt. That's the reason I could never swap it to the velour ones.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  3. nicholars
    Not sure really, yes Planar is heavier than Dynamic, but they could easily shave off 100-200g, which would put them into the "slightly heavy but not a problem" category. Whereas now even the 2C, which is the lightest, is still very heavy compared to most other headphones. Not so bad for music, quite annoying if using for films.

    For example : hifiman -300-400g, mrspeakers 300-400g, various planar 300-450g...

    Overall they could certainly lose some weight and that would remove one of the "cons" of LCD headphones. Not sure why they insist on using heavy metal parts for everything, yes it looks nice but I would prefer if they were lighter even if made from plastic.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  4. Leonarfd
    Might not be normal since I can't complain about the weight. No place hurts for me, if something can be felt its that the pads can get warm. If your head and neck is not weak, I cant see why the weight should be a problem. I can have them on for hours for music and movies alike.
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  5. blackdragon87
    Likewise, don't really have a problem with the fit of mine as well
  6. Mr B1
    Hello. First impression...these cans are fun!!
    Very comfortable. Non fatiguing. Music pops alive.
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  7. BubbaJay
    I'm very surprised just how good my 2C sounds with the Schiit Vali 2. I've listened to other planar headphones on a hybrid amp and didn't really like them but my 2C sounds great, actually all my headphones I use do. This has me wondering how much better they might sound on the new Lyr or some other good hybrid amp. I'll worry about that later because I'm very much enjoying the setup I have.
  8. blackdragon87
    Yeah, I read good things about the Vali 2 and 2C. If i'm ever in the marker for a Hybird Id get the Vali 2. I used to have the CTH amp but sold it before I got my 2C.
  9. neo_styles
    Got my 2C in a couple days ago and was instantly smitten. Listening impressions and a couple playlists of material I used for demo can be found here.

    My sleep is starting to suffer as a result of owning these. Constantly running into moral dilemmas over whether I should go to bed or keep listening to the 2Cs. Usually the latter wins out. I've also started using the iSine10 again when I'm commuting so it's easier to readjust to the 2C's sound signature. Finding new reasons to appreciate those, too.
  10. blackdragon87
    Glad you like your 2C as well. It is my favourite headphone that I have owned so far.
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  11. nicholars
    I don't have a weak neck at all, they do not cause pain as such, just they are not comfortable, for example :

    a) These are causing physical pain, my neck is too weak < No

    b) Ergh these are not very comfortable compared to most headphones, which makes them less enjoyable to use. < Yes
  12. nicholars
    I am not saying this to whine for no reason BTW, I assume Audeze might read this, not that my opinion matters much to them, but if enough people complain about it, maybe they will actually make lighter headphones.
  13. marcan
    For me when the music starts to play I just feel the music...
    I'm telling it and I have one of the heavier Audeze model (LCD2rev2) and I have them more than 12 hours a day...
    I guess I'm used to it...
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  14. noobandroid
    i have a UD-301, wonder if it is going to be powerful enough to drive the 2c,

    ooth i have a xlr ONLY amp, and maybe that can help out a bit (if anyone remembers a product from stoner acoustics, the EGA)
  15. betula
    @omniweltall will be pleased to hear, that I am rebuying the 2C. :)

    I have had a long audition of the LCD2f, LCD3, LCD4, ZMF Aeolus, Verite, Atticus, Eikon, HD800S, Empyrean.

    My impressions on the ZMF line you can read in the Aeolus thread. Here I am going to share my experience with the LCD line.
    As a start I have to say the Empyreans are the perfect headphones for me, the best I have heard so far. I will have to save up for them. Everything else is a compromise after hearing them.
    Also, this audition made me realise what a great value the 2Cs are. Yes, the mids and treble are not perfect on the 2C, but not bad either. The bass is perfect though. And I also like the character of them: exciting, energetic, but smooth and easy at the same time. This is rare.

    LCD2f - mids are nicer and better balanced compare to the 2C, thanks to the fazor technology. Bass is less, treble sparkle is less. They do sound pretty close though, I would say the choice is only a matter of personal preference. I prefer the 2C for its bass.

    LCD3 - I didn't like these. I think with the LCD2 Audeze has created something special. I found this 'specialness' lost with the LCD3. Much less bass, even compared to LCD2f, and not a very exciting character.

    LCD4 - very good sound. I obviously preferred this sound versus the LCD2C, but have to say, not by a huge margin.
    Also, these are just extremely heavy. Might sound great, but the weight is a deal breaker for me. Significantly heavier than LCD2.

    HD800S - it was actually a pleasant surprise, at least out of TT2/MScaler. A very 'hi-fi' kind of sound. Precise, spacious, well-balanced, transparent. I did miss a bit more energy in the bass and the treble sparkle was a bit too much for my personal taste.

    Empyrean - the best headphones I have ever hear. (For me.) I simply can't find any fault in them. Ticks all the boxes, hits all the sweet spots. Easily beats LCD4 everywhere. Still not cheap though.

    HEXV2 - I still love these, versus the 2C they are softer, much more spacious and more lifelike with better mids and treble. After a while however they can be too soft and too laid back sometimes. I need a bit more excitement and focus from the 2C even though that comes with other kind of small compromises.

    The 2C punches well above its price, they are one of the beast deals out there these days. They are far from perfect, but until I can afford the Empyrean, they will be just fine. :)
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
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