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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. WildStyle-R11
    Well, I don't think you can apply it that easily. But generally people do underestimate the power of a DAC, albeit I withheld from them because I just couldn't find one that I liked. Mid-fi is easy, trade headphones till you find sound you like a simple Portable solution is fine... But I see a lot of people with 1k + headphones with a 300-ish portable DAC/AMP. What are you doing + pure silver cable... WHY?!
  2. betula
    Of course, this five points is simplification, but you get what I mean in general.

    For me also the most incomprehensible thing is when people own a collection of near TOTL headphones and use them with sub $500 gear. Also the importance of quality cables is way too overrated.
  3. Slaphead
    Points 1, 2, & 3 I'll agree with

    Point 4, yeah, kind of, a poor FLAC will always sound worse than a good 320 MP3, or even better, a good 256 VBR AAC.

    Point 5, I'm a cable denier, so for me that shouldn't even be in the list. The only cable that I heard that made a difference was faulty.
  4. betula
    FLAC/320mp3 very much depends on recording quality. A well recorded 320 kbps mp3 will sound better than poorly recorded FLAC. That's true for 256 VBR too. But in general, 80% of FLAC files will sound better than 320 kbps mp3.

    I agree, cables are way too overrated. In fact they hardly make a sonic difference. (They do make a subtle sonic difference though.) What I find more important with a cable upgrade is aesthetics and comfort. These two qualities can improve user experience even more than just a subtle sonic change. Anyway, cables are at the end of my list on purpose.
  5. marcan
    Cough. There is no poor flac unless it's broken and you shouldn't hear the music (noise maybe). Flac is a lossless compression, it's like a wav but smaller in size.
    In the other hand mp3 or acc are lossy compression, so it means your are losing something. The quality and the parameters of the encoder will have an impact on the perceived result. So unless you like the sound of the encoder which add quantisation noise and pre-echo, an mp3 or an aac can't be better than a flac if encoded from the same source.
  6. WildStyle-R11
    As far as cables are concerned, There is probably a point where you can consider this, you know when you have spare 20k in your pocket. For me, I'm just getting quality cables, been using pretty much random interconnects, that I do not trust, replacing them with quality star quad and they will serve me years. Getting a new cable for my headphones for exactly as you say comfort and look. Silver plated litz if I am not mistaken, Well silver plated probably wasn't needed really, but it had more strands than the regular litz. So I just wanted to make sure my cans get enough juice. Which some of the stock cables on headphones do not *Cough* He 400i *Cough*. The only time I noticed a difference in cable. I could be wrong, will see when I get my cable. :D

    Also anyone noticed that a lot of people mistake overly brightness for more detail? No, It's not more, it's just in your face.

    I myself am setting up for Smooth and unaltering setup, which will lead to my headphones being the only thing affecting the sound. For my own sanity and EQ if needed, but so far seems like I don't even feel the need for more bass as with this setup it is more present, then it was before I got my DAC.
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  7. betula
    Perhaps the most misleading and biggest dead-end street of this hobby nowadays.
  8. marcan
    Yep or bright = neutral is a common mistake as well.
  9. WildStyle-R11
    The thing is, speakers are easy. Flat line. Headphones, not so much due to how close the drivers are to your ears and such, you can actually read about it on audeze site.

    Could be peoples hearing as well, same as no one ever mentions that they use 24 band EQ, people might just not mention that they don't hear that well either.
  10. Jabba
    Analytical sound gives a quick wow factor.
    But in the long run, I love my vintage Sansui amp for speakers and headphones.
    Sound so alive compared to a analytical amp with a illusional higher detail.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
  11. WildStyle-R11
    On a different note, do you guys think that the Carbon headband is worth it? This leather strap is getting kinda annoying lately.
  12. Slim1970
    It’s pretty much the same design made out of carbon fiber. So it may be a little lighter but the leather portion of the headband will sit in the same spot
  13. WildStyle-R11
    Thanks for the input. I'm surprised that there really aren't any after market upgrades available, even more when the LCD series is quite easy to take apart. It's really the lack of padding that is getting to me.
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  14. Slim1970
    As cheap looking as Hifiman headphones look the are practically weightless on your head. This new Audeze headband is leap and bounds better than their old style headband comfort wise to me. I’m glad they incorporated it on all of their headphones. My first Audeze headphone was the LCD-3F with older style headband. When I upgraded to the LCD-4’s the comfort level of the new style headband alone was worth the upgrade.

    I think if the pad wasn’t so close to the headband, like Hifiman and ZMF headphones, the comfort level of the Audeze headband would improve. Just my thoughts.
  15. xRaptorxPunisher
    Well I've gone and done it.



    and the rest.


    Verum 1


    LCD-2C at least my current unit hits like a sledge hammer. My only issue with them is the treble could be smoother but lets be real 99% of headphones have a rough, unrefined treble. Resolution IS on par with my old HD650 and Aeolus but planar drivers have an inherent lushness, fog you have to listen out for those micro details more. My previous unit was too laid back, there's good drivers out there it's a lottery.

    Verum 1 was the other one I kept. It's like an LCD of old but more elegant, airy and liquid like. Deep bass, not as bold as my LCD-2C. I would say on the Verum those micro details are more obvious, resolution is close but I'd give it to verum slightly. The thing with the LCD-2C it takes time to appreciate it IF you're constantly comparing to other headphones.

    I think with the Verum 1 and LCD-2C I'm done in this hobby. I've spent thousands on audio gear, I can retire happy Haha!
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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