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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. xRaptorxPunisher
    Theres def some production variation going on. I just ordered another 2C because I was curious and my newer 2C is more resolving, has a hint of lush ness to it's mids but as overall much more punch, life to the sound. The difference is enough to the point I now love my new 2C. I hate the cherry picking of the Audeze phones but if you get a good one you're lucky. It makes me wanna try another LCD-4 Haha.
  2. betula
    The diaphragm on a new planar is always a bit tight, by time it slightly loosens up which is the natural burn-in process for planars. Are you sure this is not what's happening?
  3. xRaptorxPunisher
    I had my original LCD-2C since launch and it had a poor resolve capability. This one is about on par with my dynamics in terms of resolution and fewer peaks and dips in the treble from the heat go.
  4. BubbaJay
    I was actually thinking about selling my 2C after getting the Nightowl because I'm using them so much that the 2C was being left out. After thinking about it and listening to them for a while I know now that would be a mistake. There still one of my favorite headphones I've had so selling them would be a bad move. Even though the Nightowl and 2C have very similar sound signatures there's still room for both.
  5. clerkpalmer
    Good decision. I think you would miss them.
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  6. BubbaJay
    Also the Dekoni velour pads I put on them a month or so ago I feel like gives them a larger soundstage which is a plus. I know some have said the highs sound clearer but I found they dulled them down a touch but now they sound about them same as before.

    Anyone else using the Dekoni velour pads and if so what sound characteristics do feel changed on the 2C?
  7. rendyG
    Well, how is this even possible? :D
    I thought I'll be selling my Sabaj DA3 (SMSL IQ eq.), but man, this little thing makes the LCD2C sing :)
    Its neutral-bright tonality actually balances the Audeze warm tilt really well.

    Do you guys think that LCD benefits from better amps?
  8. clerkpalmer
    I’m not one to recommend spending a fortune on amps and DACs but I do think the LCD2c needs something more powerful than that. Try spending 100 bucks on a Magni or the jds atom and let us know if you hear a difference. You can probably use your sabaj as a dac.
  9. rendyG
    I already have the Atom :)
    I didn´t exactly AB tested KTB->Atom vs Sabaj, but I can tell you when I don´t have an Atom with me, I think I´m not missing much.
    I will probably try to compare them, so I can say more :)
  10. clerkpalmer
    Well there you go. Further evidence perhaps that spending thousands on gear may not add much value. I’ve been resisting spending more than 300 on a Schiit stack because I am not convinced I will hear a difference. I would think the atom would provide a lot more dynamic sound particularly at low volume but what do I know?
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  11. The Socialist Nerd
    I was on the Headphone Headquarters Discord last night and apparently all of the Audeze headphones are well-hated there... They only recommended the Focal Elex headphones only for some odd reasons. So curious why a lot of folks dislike these cans?

    This is a transcript of the conversation last night:

    AlbertYesterday at 8:52 PM

    So anyone here with Focal headphones?

    Or those not really universally liked at all?

    MochaRainYesterday at 8:54 PM

    ihave elex and they are rad

    Yesterday at 8:55 PM

    Elex is nice

    Rest is over priced / garb

    Both closed backs are unlistenable

    Warranty policy succ

    SweetToffeeYesterday at 8:56 PM


    get zmf instead

    or senny etc

    AlbertYesterday at 8:59 PM

    Elex I looked at but can't use those when I am at the library. So a total no go.

    Affordable, yes. Practical, nope.

    jas722Yesterday at 9:00 PM

    Is the Sendy actually legit? Was thinking about a LCD-2F but now have second thoughts(edited)

    MochaRainYesterday at 9:01 PM

    feels like there are no good closed backs past $200 until zmf

    AlbertYesterday at 9:01 PM

    @jas722 I am unsure about the folks here objecting to the LCD's or the reasoning but again this is the domain of subjectivity.

    jas722Yesterday at 9:01 PM

    Closed backs are rough for sure

    metyll571Yesterday at 9:01 PM

    @MochaRain correct

    AlbertYesterday at 9:01 PM

    Yes but practical for the type of environs I am in.

    metyll571Yesterday at 9:01 PM

    aeon flow closed is really disappointing

    have not reviewed elegia yet but pretty sure it isnt gonna fit well into msrp either

    AlbertYesterday at 9:02 PM

    For commuting to work/school plus public spaces, closed backs are more ideal.

    jas722Yesterday at 9:02 PM


    MochaRainYesterday at 9:02 PM

    audeze closed backs are even heavier than their opens

    no thanks
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  12. WildStyle-R11
    Yeah, the 2C's really benefit from POWER! I got the Loki just for this, to boost bass and listen to 2C's on relatively normal volume, for me anyway. Apparently my hearing is good, as I found out. ^^ Anyway, when I listen to high quality music, I switch off loki and rise the volume and boy do the 2C's sing! A lot of detail to be had in 2C's, just got to give them what they need. As forgiving they may be, you give them power and they won't forgive a lot.

    There are plenty of reasons people dislike Audeze in general. For various reasons, same as any other headphone, but mainly people don't like the weight. Which deters a lot of people really. I personally not a fan of the weight and it can be tiring at times, like now with my cold, it is a bit more then I would like. However I do like their approach to sound Natural, nothing more, nothing less. Every other headphone is like "Detail DETAIL! Make your ears BLEED!!! Muwahahahahah!" No, Thanks.
  13. nicholars
    I don't know why they are so stubborn with the weight, they could make the same headphones, but out of some high quality plastic or some other light material, yes it would not look as "premium", but the main point being that they would be lighter and more comfortable. Which would make them more popular, at the end of the day it is irrelevant what they look like when they are on your head, the only important things are sound and comfort.

    I would not be surprised if something close to 50% of LCD returns are due to weight and clamp. No idea if that is correct, but I said "I would not be surprised". The 2C are apparently the lightest LCD, and even the 2C are much heavier than most other headphones and clamp a lot.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  14. Leonarfd
    Plenty of detail in the 2C just not as sharp sounding, aslong you have enough power the amp doesn't matter to much. Used it much with tubes lately making it even more lovely, perfect for relaxing music and when your tired.
    Most of the focal models are very sharp sounding, depending if that's what you want that can be good. For most folks I think they will get a wow feel trying focal models, then using them less after a while.

    This can also depend on what you do that day. After a work day being around noise, a more sharp sounding headphone is just not pleasent.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  15. BrotherKathos
    I'll be reunited with my 2C soon. Its going to be a tough fight for it to compete with my nighthawks though. They just fr my preference too much, and are also much easier to drive for portable applications. And the comfort is just on a whole different level compared to the 2C. I'll probably be getting a pair of owls soon as well for my next closed back. Or maybe the new Mr speakers Ether Cx from massdrop.
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