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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Raphael DeLaGhetto
    Oof, I was looking at the 3 for an upgrade. I plan on buying the ZMF Auteur too so I guess it'd be an overlap. I'd rather have a dynamic planar than chilled out, so I guess I should be looking at the X. Lots of people have different opinions on the X compared to the 2C. I've heard they're darker & not as dark. I've heard they slam harder & don't have as much slam. I'll just have to listen myself at some point.
  2. Sound Eq
    and how would anyone who buys one new from audeze even make a judgement if their unit is bad or not ?
  3. chef8489
    They are not. Measurements are as close as can be for this type of product. People ears are different and thats why you get two different people saying they hear them differently. With any manufactured item there will be slight variation in each, but it will not be enough to make real difference. you get more variation between how people percieve sound or can even hear it.
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  4. Sound Eq
    i wish someone compare lcdx 2017, to lcd 2c and lcd2f 2018, with more detail, as I need to make a purchase decision

    i was so sure to buy the lcd2c only when i read some complain the mids are recessed and thin that made me hesitant to buy the lcd2c
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  5. LaCuffia
    The Audeze website shows the LCD-2 as having the same headband as the LCD2C. Is that standard now? I think the LCD2C headband is even better than the carbon fiber one and would be a great upgrade on the LCD-2.
  6. gLer
    Yes it is - the new headband is now the standard headband for all LCD models except the 4-series (CF is standard for the 4). I got one for my LCD-3F and it completely solved the discomfort issue. I can now wear it for hours without fatigue, and like you I prefer the look of the steel band - the CF just looks out of place with all the other materials. Good move by Audeze.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
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  7. phthora
    Yeah? Where? Link to those measurements.
  8. franz12
    Not true. If you navigate the othet forum, you will find out. The same person shows two different measurements from two different units. And said that indeed one unit sounds dull than the other.
  9. franz12
    I wish. But mentioning that site is not allowed here, so you will have to find out.
  10. Wes S
    I would not base anything off of, just 1 person's findings.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  11. phthora
    Ah, of course. As soon as I saw someone making unsubstantiated claims dismissing headphones they had never heard based on some sketchy measurements posted by one person measuring on their homemade rig, I immediately thought of that site. That place is garbage. Don't bother with a link, because I don't trust the source anyway.

    Considering how many small, unannounced revisions Audeze has gone through, it is no wonder measurements are different. However, given your source, I would assume that someone is comparing a 2.1 to 2.2F, or something similar.

    But, that is besides the point, because I can't find anything but speculation about unit to unit variation anyway.
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  12. franz12
    FYI, I am not even a member there. I don't know about your grudge.

    But you are unnecessarily attacking a member here. I just responded to the question to the other member raised earlier. I replied to it with what I know to help him.

    Your attitude is very offensive, completely impolite and unjustifiable.
  13. phthora
    You are casting aspersions on Audeze's quality of production on all products over several years based on the unverifiable, homegrown measurements of a person whom you will not cite and whose measurements I can't even find. It is not impolite or unjustified to point out that that is an unsubstantiated claim. You might be offended by that, but I am offended by your recklessness assertions. If you had said, "hey, there is some evidence that..." or "I am concerned about X because of Y..." or "one person noted unit to unit variation..." we wouldn't be having this conversation. Even assuming that the alluded-to measurements are iron-clad, you cannot induce that the LCD-2 have wide unit to unit variation or that all LCD-2s do, and you certainly cannot use that as evidence of to support your suggestion that Audeze has problems with production consistency and QC throughout the entire life of their company. If you would care to weigh in with your personal experience, positive or negative, regarding this issue, please do so, but don't bandy about measurements of unknown reliability as gospel.
  14. omniweltall
    From the way I see, you are the one making unsubstantiated claims before checking anything. Trust whatever you want to trust, buddy. Your life.
  15. franz12
    Because you know the site I am mentioning, it must be very easy to find those measurements. But because you already have a strong bias toward them, you won't check anything and you are a person who makes unsubstantiated claims. For disclosure, I am not even a member in that site, and I don't agree with them in many aspects.

    However, those measurements about lcd2c came from the most prominent member there who is an ardent fan of lcd4, I trust them to some extent. He measured 3 different lcd2c, made them public, and graded each of them A, B+, C-, though he said it it is still improvement in their QC.

    You may disagree with this, but still it is worth letting know other members about this and pushing Audeze to improve their QC.

    I usually, don't talk to a person who possess a strong bias. So I won't continue this discussion further.
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