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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Hifi59
    Of all my lcds, the 2C IS closest sounding to my LCD-4.
  2. Jack-A
    How do they sound when paired with iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  3. Boogee134
    Need advice.

    • My amp is a Valhalla 2, which I really like
    • I already own a HD800S, I like it a lot.
    • I never tried an Audeze in my life, but I know I enjoy dark headphones more than bright ones
    • Comfort is important to me
    • Already tried the Aeon Flow Closed, didn't like it that much, tried the Focal Elear, I liked it.
    • I have a limited budget, but I can wait a few months and have a bigger budget.
    So my question : is a LCD a good buy ? If so, which one should I buy knowing my tastes ? I don't want to be underwhelmed because of how the HD800S sound... Should I go with a LCD2C ? LCD2 ? Or wait to get a LCD3 ?

    I will buy used, but with the warranty still active. Being in Canada, I can get the LCD2C for 600US$ shipped. The LCD2 for 550US$ shipped and the LCD3 1100US$ shipped.

    Thanks a lot ! :D
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  4. Hifi59
    I own all 3. I would say go for the 2C for sure.
  5. gLer
    I’d be careful with the LCD on a Valhalla. My LCD-2 is definitely not at its best on an OTL amp.
  6. YtseJamer
  7. chef8489
    Valhalla 2 is not your typical otl.
  8. givemetacos
    This is definitely true that Valhalla 2 isn't a typical OTL, but I have it and tried it with my LCD2C and it was my least favorite of all my amps. The LCD2C on Valhalla 2 didn't quite have the punchy and lively bass response as solid states. It wasn't a terrible pairing by any means and I think it works well if you are sensitive to bass and want a more laid back presentation. But since my main reason for owning LCD2C is the fast, tight, and punchy bass so the Valhalla 2 doesn't do it for me.
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  9. gLer
    That’s my experience as well, except with the LCD2F that uses the same drivers. I don’t own a Valhalla (I have a Woo WA3 with fairly punchy tubes) and while the LCD isn’t bad with it, it just doesn’t compare to the visceral impact and holographic soundstage it gets from a good solid state.
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  10. Music Path
    I'm in similar situation, would like to complement the T1, + HD800 with a darker can like HD800S or lcd3 or lcd2c. But would like to have warranty too, if buying used. Wonder how lcd2c compares with lcd3. Will pair it with hdvd800 or a violectric v200 amp, one high impedance and later one low impedance output.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  11. knowhatimean
    I stopped myself at least three times from passing this along, as it might be difficult to find the Audeze LCD Repacement earpads anyway, but switching to the Microsuede pads isn't anymore difficult with the LCD2C than it is with any of the other Audeze LCD headphones.

    The MS pads give the LCD headphones a different sound balance than do the Leather. For what I listen to greater Dynamic Contrast is way more important to me than is greater singular area frequency sound Impact. I really don't like talking about headphone soundstage, but to my ears when you increase the amount of Impact you're able to hear in a good amt of recorded music you slightly (or greatly) diminish the amt of sound imaging information of lower level instruments that are also being recorded at the same time. He,he,he..... there are no lesser/lower level parts of the music I listen to that I'm aurally willing to throw away.... It's not really a Soundstage that I'm listening to once that starts happening, as every musical thing that is going makes up what's been staged.

    Well, as I mentioned the pad switch is actually pretty easy. As you are slowly pulling the pads away from the ear capsules you want to gently insert a thin flat spatula of some sort between the existing earpads & the capsules & as you're pulling the pads up push the flat thing being using in until there is separation between the pad & capsule. Slowly move it around as the pad is separating itself from were it was sitting until it is completely off. Everything will come completely off of the ear capsule when you're done & you'll be left with a clean flat surface to place the new pads on.

    He,he,he.... There are a lot of "ifs" here as unless you have some access to the Replacement Pad kits (& it's not that clear that Audeze is even still supporting these) this change is a "No Go"
    (If you can find the kit & they're the Audeze LCD replacements pads it's a pretty straightfoward install)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  12. poekimalu
    @knowhatimean Is the Microsude Pads still worth it for AUD $150?
  13. knowhatimean
    Whether something is "still" worth buying for a certain price is a personal value I can't honestly answer : That being said, I personally think the MS pads may be the best earpads I've ever used.

    Not knowing $ Exchange rates AUD $150 does seem a bit steep (but I'm a bit crazy when it comes to spending money (that I don't normally have) on this stuff: Your call)
  14. chef8489
    150 aud is 119 usd.
  15. bboris77
    I just got a Burson Soloist SL Mk2 to use with my Audeze LCD2C. I upgraded from the Magni 3 which is a great entry-level amp, but the Soloist is just unreal. The biggest difference is the soundstage which is vastly more spacious on the Soloist. Burson is definitely a more neutral-sounding amp compared to the Magni 3 which is slightly warm and a bit more closed-in sounding. I have also tried the LCD2C with my Valhalla 2 and it was pretty good in terms of timbre and soundstage (better than the Magni 3), but it simply does not have the slam and the power of the Soloist.

    In conclusion, the Soloist has fantastic synergy with the LCD2C and I cannot recommend it high enough.
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