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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Mordr3d
    I was thinking more along the lines of some Bluetooth DAC with parametric EQ or something of the sort if there is one . I used the iSine with my DAP with the EQ and loved it but problem is I'd like to use it with my Tab/Phone for other than just music as well sometimes and I'd like to have EQ for that.
  2. eldss
    If anyone's ordered the new earfins, can you report on comfort when received?
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  3. clerkpalmer
    Check out the Radstone ES100.
  4. clerkpalmer
    Interesting that isine 20 is showing as sold out on Audeze website.
  5. rkw
    It had been that way for some time. Now it's officially discontinued, with Audeze describing the new i3 as the successor to the iSine20.
  6. metaldood
    Wait...you can buy the earfins and attach to iSine20?
  7. Devodonaldson
    ERfins work on all ISine/lcdi
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  8. metaldood
    I already have the new ear hooks. Can I buy erfins separately?
  9. rkw
    I'm sure they will become available, just like how they currently sell replacement hooks and tips.
  10. Ynot1
    I've been playing with the new ear hooks that are curved and I put on some heat shrink and went at it with a heat gun. And even though I did not fully succeed, I think the potential exist to get a custom fit. Personally though, I wished someone smart would write an app that can scan the ear and develop a 3D printer profile for the ear hooks. Until then, maybe Audeze should be doing what I tried to do. The curved ear hooks feel a lot better. But I believe the next level fit still exist. I just haven't quite gotten there yet.

    I was thinking Koss KSC75 ish kind of thing.

    I went back to the medium curved even though it felt awkward at first, which was why I kept looking for better fit, now I feel this is the most secure fit. So far no pain, just need to get used to it. I guess it is one of those tricky things.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  11. Beanlipe
    Guys I recently got the Cipher bluetooth module for my iSine 10's and I connect it on my works computer like a charm. Do any of you guys have a solution to see the battery level in windows? I never know when to charge it.
  12. billbishere
    They are selling those new Ear hook things on the Audeze site. It's a kit with Hooks, Tips and those new ear fins. $25. Was thinking of giving them a try on my isine10's, would like to hear some others real world use tho.
  13. Deckard916
    Ordered a kit with the new ear fins as soon as I saw the updated kit on Audeze site. Now just waiting for them to get here........
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  14. metaldood
    Audeze support said they don't ship earfins separately :frowning2: but they did ship the updated ear hooks last month so I think it is possible to ship just the earfins? @Audeze
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