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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. billbishere
    I just got my v2 cipher cable today. Wow, what a huge upgrade it is in size alone. I was hesitate for the longest time but didn't realize just how much lighter it is. Makes the headphones much more manageable ... I hated that v1 cable and huge DAC. Not to mention with the v2 being balanced it had more power, and the DAC seems more crisp and responds better to EQ changes. Not having to attach that stupid v1 DAC to my shirt is worth the upgrade cost for me!

    It's making me fall in love with my isines all over again!

    Oh and the MIC and assistant works with the Anker USBc dongle on Android! It would just hang when you triggered the mic on the v1
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  2. twiceboss
    havent got any chance trying v1, i got v2 right away and yes, no kidding it has enough power. I never go to max volume, else ill break my hearing
  3. billbishere
    No reason to ever use the v1 if you have the v2 imo. There were many times I had to Max volume with v1.... And yah I am barely going over half now. Balanced really gave it a nice punch in power
  4. gazzington
    Anybody use isine20 with a wm1a? Just wondering how you have eq'd them.
  5. Tai1or Made
    I just got the iSine 10 after years of fawning over it. Love it.

    Just curious to hear peoples thoughts on the Bluetooth Cypher cable.

    And I need a 2pin to 4.4mm balanced cable for my ZX300.

    Hey @gazzington
    This is what I'm doing with the iSine 10 on a ZX300.

  6. billbishere
    There is a EQ in this thread from Audeze you can use. It gives the exact breakdown of all the values to enter into your EQ settings.
  7. Tai1or Made
    This is based on that EQ from Auedeze.

    I thought it was a bit too aggressive so I reduced the figures.
  8. Ynot1
    The orientation of the loop has to be forward as pictured for me. But it fits better than the flat originals by comfortable margin. I recommend these.

    IMG_20190817_144219.jpg IMG_20190817_144350.jpg
  9. Devodonaldson
    Much more comfortable than original when used for regular listening. I have to use the old hooks when I use my ISine to go run with, otherwise they would shake off. New hooks I can wear all day with no discomfort
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  10. Orang_sabar
    Check your PM please
  11. cbl117
    Can someone send a link to the Audeze recommended Audeze HQ EQ setting? I am not scrolling through 452 pages to find it. I think a link on the first page would help.
  12. harpo1
    Use the search function.
  13. cbl117
    Good one - I tried. Wasted more time. I moved on.
  14. harpo1
    Well apparently you don't want them that bad.
  15. cbl117
    I have a general idea - cut from 500Hz to 1Khz, boost from 2-4Khz, cut at 8Khz. Season to taste. Would have been nice to easily see what Audeze recommended with HQ app.
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