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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. wazzupi
    I think ive got everything answered :) thank you
  2. pstickne
    iSINE10's arrived earlier in the week (already 4 days ago) and .. I gotta say, I am so "not impressed" with the cheap feel of Cipher cable that I still haven't tried them. I guess there is the weekend..

    The initial cable impression makes me so annoyed that, unless the sound really blows me out of the water, they will be in the FS section soon. If the Cipher cables (or some fancy DAP/EQ) are 'required' to make them sound good, then case open and closed already. My disgruntlement may be someone's gain.

    And yes, it's very possible for manufactures to select/use low-cost good feeling 'quality' cables (without braids or other fancy gimmicks).
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  3. pstickne
    While I've no doubt the A&K is a great DAP (that pairs well), the advantage and usage of dual AK/DACs is almost exclusively for balanced output.

    So unless a dual DAC is explicitly for SE vs balanced output, and the comparison is made for SE vs balanced, the number of DACs itself is largely irrelevant. And - if it's a standard 3.5mm TRS then it's SE output! (I would be interested to see supporting information of the A&K using dual DACs for SE output if such is indeed the case.)

    While the quality of a (single) DAC and surrounding circuitry is important, I don't buy so much into the numbers game. One 'great sound quality' DAC+AMP circuit is better than two (or however many) 'not great' DAC circuits, especially is only one is used .. no car stickers here.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
    Vitandus likes this.
  4. lukedss
    Be interested to hear of any great pairings with the iSine20's that people have found, doesn't have to be portable? The ZX2 is underwhelming
  5. billbishere
    I have always heard good things about the cipher cable paired with the 20s. I use it on my 10s and wouldn't change it.
  6. lukedss
    Agreed, I meant amp/dacs though. Aren't planars better with power?
  7. Isloo
    How do you find the iSine with the nickel amp? Also, sorry for going OT, but how does the nickel amp sound in general? Do you use the nickel with the Zx2? I’m thinking of picking up one or both of the isine10s and the nickel amp. Thanks.
  8. lukedss
    The Nickle is for my ES100. I can't hear a difference between that setup and cabled which is what I was hoping to accomplish.

    I would not pay full price for it though (I rarely do for anything except the ES which I would have gladly paid double for) and certainly would not compare it to the ZX2 which has been incredible with my Andromeda's but so far not been a good match w iSine, (although I am going to download UAPP again and transfer KMann settings into the EQ there and then try again so I won't close the door on it just yet as a partner)

    Hence my post I wanted to see what is a great pairing for the iSines cause appreciate the Sony's signature ultimately might not be right
  9. Isloo
    Thank you for your reply. It sound like maybe the Nickel and the iSine aren’t a good combo. I had thought maybe the power available with the nickel would suit the iSines. Have you tried using the nickel together with the zx2? I have both UAPP and neutron on the zx2 and find neutron to be the better of the two on ZX2. You may want to give it a try, if you haven’t already.
  10. lukedss
    I must have misunderstood your thread. I thought you said you were going to buy the Nickle or the ZX2 bit sounds like you already own the ZX2 so sorry if I wafted off track.

    The reason I am downloading UAPP is because I already a) I have the exact EQ settings from my LG b) I can't stream Tidal from Neutron

    I will try the ZX2 w the Nickle once I have setup the UAPP, I am curious!

    I'll be at CanJam London soon if your there you can try it out (I have no idea where you are)
  11. Isloo
    Sorry for the confusion. I perhaps should have been clearer about already owning the zx2, which as you know lacks power, hence thinking about the nickel.

    I am from London, but currently out of the country and don’t think I will be back by the end of the month for CanJam. Thank you for very much for the offer though. It is kind of you.
  12. Devodonaldson
    I actually like iSine 20 with Chord Mojo over cipher. Cipher has a bit more bass, but mojo is better overall
  13. Br777
    two questions about the new ear hooks?

    are they more durable than the old ones? I had to upgrade to the 3d printed style partly because the audeze brand kept breaking.
    do they slide back and forth easily when you adjust the angle of the headphones or are they grippy against the headphones?

  14. bobsherman

    You mentioned the third printed style. Which one are you actually using? Which link? I would like to take a look. TIA

    Any changes in you eq? What are you currently using. I have still been using your eq, and also use the cipher cable with I devices.
  15. Devodonaldson
    So far haven't had an issue with the new earhooks. I switch to the old style when I go for runs as the new style is looser, and more for long term comfort. After changing 3 times they have t broken, however I am certainly careful due to what we all know about the originals. Haven't had any issues with movement yet. I wear the new earhooks for 12hrs straight at work with no discomfort.
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