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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. vodanhkhack
    Yes, the cipher cable just does a magic task for iSine with i-devices! The vocal are fuller with tigh bass! However, if you would use the right EQ setings or even without EQ, some good DAPs can also pair the iSine greatly! The soundstage can be wider, more details...
  2. Maximiliano Campo
    Fully agreed! Astell & Kern SP1000M sounds fantastic with the standard cable and no EQ. To me it sounds much better than the Cipher cable on an Apple device.
  3. acia
    Well. If the ak doesn't sound better.
  4. jody2k
    You don't need a 2500€ DAC to make them sound better than cipher
  5. Maximiliano Campo
    I never said you need it. I'm just saying that, that particular combo is what I use and love the best out of anything I've tried. Nothing to do with whether or not a €2,500 DAC is needed.
  6. stmiller
    For me its..

    Isine10/20 + wide bore groovy tips + v1 cipher(eq'd) + ipod touch

    I only wish audeze provided more presets for the app
  7. gazzington
    Anybody got a good eq to use with a fiio q5?
  8. acia
    How does the cipher wired cable compared with Lg v20 or v30 please?
  9. Qrays34
    Does anyone have both the ver 1 and ver 2 cable and capable of compare those two? The ver1 is a bit big and heavy to my ear, it sometimes make the listening experience not really smooth, so maybe I will take a ver 2. Just want to know if there is an upgrade in sound quality and is it true that it spend less phone battery?
  10. Deckard916
    The V2 is about -4Db less in the 4khz range, as to battery I'm not sure about that.
  11. acia
    v2 supposed to be balanced.
  12. Qrays34
    I know it supports balance, but does it make a real - hearable difference?
    I played with balance a couple times before, most of them work, but some don’t make a real difference.
    Not to mention balance should be consuming more power, not less? Just want to hear some opinions from someone who went through these :D
  13. ascl
    I think the difference is small. To me the v2 cable is great because it is so much lighter. That alone is worth it IMO.
    Qrays34 likes this.
  14. guiffre
    I have both and prefer V1 substantially. It is more cumbersome but I believe it's also higher build quality.

    As far as sound, to my ears V2 sounds much warmer, has a narrower soundstage, and less resolution. After using V2 exclusively for about a month and going back to V1, the sound signature was no contest.

    The other downside to V2, is that the steps in volume when using the remote or volume buttons on an iPhone are far too wide. You'll find yourself often in one of those 'this is a bit quiet' situations, clicking up one increment and then in a 'this is too loud' situation. Kind of annoying.

    Hope that helps.
    Qrays34 likes this.
  15. Qrays34
    Yes, you just save me from spending >120$ for a cable that I might not use, so great help!

    I would appreciate a lighter cable, but not annoying volume adjustment. I’m quite sensitive to loudness, so this would be a no.

    Thanks a lot ❤️
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