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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. howdy
    I see that the new Cipher bluetooth cables are on back order already due to Chinese holidays and won't be available tell 1st week of march. I thought everything they sold was made in California?
  2. metaldood
    The Bluetooth module is Made in China. Headphones are made in USA. I am not sure about their amps.

    On another note can the Bluetooth Cipher firmware be updated like the V1/V2 Cipher cable? @KMann @Audeze
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  3. stmiller
    Audeze please give customers option to purchase the v1 cipher. I absolutely dislike the sound of the v2.
  4. X-Frame
    Wow, I didn’t even think of this. I listened to my new iSine20’s for a few days with the groovy tips while the Spin Fits were in the mail and loved loved what I heard. Got my Spin Fit’s and they were definitely comfortable but I had started to notice that most of the songs I had been recently listening to didn’t sound as energetic.

    I just switched back to the groovy tips and the songs sound back to normal again. Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t even think it could be the tips.
  5. acia
    maybe try "b-stock" sale to see your luck or second hand, perhaps?

    product life cycle is tremendously short.
  6. drwhiteboy
    does the cipher bluetooth module have an aptx-ll mode?

    also, can it connect to two bluetooth devices at once?
  7. m8o
    After living and commuting with the Cipher Bluetooth a few weeks, I have a comment about the control module distance... I too was one that at first thought it was a bit close to the ear. But now afte et some time I can easily say it like it where it is.

    1) In winter, chances are you'll be wearing a big coat that when zipped, has a high collar. If the control module was any lower, it would be difficult to get to when your coat is zipped. Or worse you'd have to unzip to uncover it.

    2) The lower down a control module is, the more range the wire has to move around your chest and shoulder; and the more one has to blindly search with their hand to locate the module. Where it is now, I put the back of my hand on my jawline, slide the hand back, and I'm guaranteed to hook the control module.
  8. m8o
    The Frank produced clips arrived, as well as the two variants of modular hooks I bought. And they are a resounding success! So far I like the clear hooks better; soft and no hot spot at the back inner side of the ear helix. But they are soft so give a less secure feel. The black ones can bend and will stay after held a while, so I suspect can be molded to reduce hot spots.

    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  9. Sir Metal
    You can also trim the length of the clips for a better fit!
  10. donato
    I feel the same way even though my use case is very different since I wear them running. It seemed odd at first to have the controls so high and I sometimes still feel like I'm wearing earrings, but I think they bounce around less because they are up high. Plus, I tend to wear it with the wire in the back (don't know if others wear it in front or in back) to interfere less when I'm running and if controls were further down, it would also be more awkward for me to reach back.
  11. Spektykles
    Hi, can the iSine 20 aged and degrades SQ overtime? Mine is from early batch and still strong till this day, but I think the SQ is dropping and IDK what I smoked but my new iSine LX is better than the 20, the 20 sounds more loosened, no tight bass, a distinguished feature of it anymore. I live in tropical dusty weather and I know its very dangerous to audio equipments, but Audeze stated its driver is more durable than dynamics one and radiation/vacuum-hardened. Can I dip my 20 into alcohol (pure ethanol) to remove any dirt and grime stuck inside it and let it dry?
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  12. metaldood
    You can connect to 2 devices at once.
  13. stmiller
    I wouldn't advice that.

    Ask kmann he might have a better solution.
  14. drwhiteboy
    pardon my ignorance, but how?
  15. KMann
    iSine 20 and LX have different sound signatures, efficiency and resolution. It depends on how you are driving them. LX will sound louder than iSine 20 when driven at the same volume out of an amp. The drivers of the iSine20 are well secluded from any influence due to the external conditions unless you are in extreme situations (dessert, under water, et). Unlike electrostatic drivers, the iSine drivers are not affected by humidity either. I would not recommend anything more than removing the tip and cleaning the sound port.
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