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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Merkurio
    My Spinfits CP155 (M) arrieved today and I must say that I don't like the sound with them at all compared with the stock silicone and groovy tips.

    The fit is great and the isolation improves by a noticeable margin, as well as the bass response, but the upper-mids and low-highs seems to be lost in the pack, maybe due the smaller ear tip cavity.

    Overall I find the best balance between sound and comfort with the smaller stock silicone tips, which have similar shape and size compared to the medium Spinfits, but a bigger end cavity with the original detailed and spacious sound the iSINEs are known for.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  2. m8o
    Bummer, I could have told you this and save you the bother and sheckels. :wink: I found treble with those tips to not only be cut, but more sibilance too.

    I'm personally a major JVC Spiral Dots fan. I bought every size before finding the best for me (a highly personal choice) and found them to give me the best sound and comfort. They are tough to get on, as they're made for a smaller nozzle. But they stretch easily; and at the same time leave a large bore exit hole of you push them past where the stock ones usually end. So sound the most 'open' and enjoyable.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  3. Merkurio
    Thanks for the advice!

    So the exit hole in the Spiral Dots is larger than the one in the CP155s, right? I think that is the main reason of the sonical differences between the Spinfits and the stock/groovy tips.

    The problem with Spiral Dots is the different sizes, I find the smaller silicone (not the groovy) tips and the medium CP155s almost perfect for my ears, maybe a slighty bit larger could do the trick, but they fit well and firm. What JVC size do you think is equivalent to those?
  4. Phascinate
    Yeah, as far as I know (and in my own experience) DDC files work perfectly no matter the bitrate. Seems a lot more stable in my experience. I haven't noticed much of an issue though with the Convolver files with different bitrates though. Maybe I don't know what to look for though with that sort of sound degredation.
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  5. Phascinate
    Yeah, the DDC files and the Convolver files are either or. Don't have them both on at once or else it'll sound like hot garbage. Other than that just make sure to use the proper negative gain pre-amp instructions (included as little named .txt files) in the .zip file and everything should work great. I left a lot of "READ ME.txt" files in different folders of the zip file so go ahead and have a read of those and it might answer some of your other questions. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the instructions and stuff feel free to let me know. :)
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  6. Phascinate
    Sure! This is what I used on my ES100 Bluetooth DAC/AMP. It's definitely not perfect and has a kind of more warm sound but it's the best I could do without ever having heard the real CIPHER cable. Now that I've heard what the real CIPHER settings sound like I really like that better but these settings still have a really fun sound to them. I tried to emulate the settings that @KMann had posted.


    And here are the settings for RE-Equalizer:

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  7. m8o
    Spiral Dots has in-between sizes, so I have to imagine you can find a good one. It comes in S, MS, M, ML & L. I literally bought them all. Hehe. M is my fav for sitting around, ML when on the move (as M comes out of MY ear easily). I dont recommend S as it's almost impossible to fit on the nozzle, then barely is thicker than a condom. lol

    As a matter of fact, just did a search of my past Amazon orders... :wink:

    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
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  8. jody2k
    +1 Thats funny it's about the same correction i'm using (I based it on my feeling and ears), only I use it more in the extreme form of it but the overall curve has the same form on the same frequences.

    Don't worry about the CIPHER, i have compared it many times now: ES100 blows the cipher away
    Enjoy your isine's guys :wink:
  9. vodanhkhack
    Thank you. This setting is quite fun but the vocal cannot be as full as the cipher! I have tried many EQ setting but no one can make the vocal fuller..
  10. drwhiteboy
    anybody have a suggestion for a bluetooth dongle i could use to add aptx hd to my windows 10 desktop? to use with the bluetooth cipher module?
  11. donato
    Finally received my bluetooth module today. I originally ordered on 1/11 and according to the website, it had shipped on 1/18, but by 1/28 I hadn't received it, so I contacted support. Turns out it hadn't actually shipped since "Unfortunately, our vendor was not able to supply the requested quantities of the BT module, and we were temporarily out of stock." On 2/1 they said they were shipping again and I received mine today.

    Sound is dark as others have described.

    Does anyone know the battery life on these?

    I'll have to try them on a run and see how they work out. Not sure if I'll have to borrow the clip from the cipher cable to keep the cable from moving around or if it will be ok w/o.
  12. howdy
    I read 8 hours of play time, which would be great.
    I ordered mine today so hopefully I will get it next week.
  13. Qrays34
    Just join the iSine 20 team with a ver 1 Cypher cable, plugged straight to an ipX :D, hope to learn something from you guys.
    It’s been sounding outstanding but I heard some improvements can be achieved through EQ-ing so... I’m gonna dig this thread a bit :))
    All help is appreciated <3, thanks in advance guys!
  14. vodanhkhack
    Enjoy your new iSine 20! Do you still have the Sony zx300? Try the 10 band equalizer seting in post 6201 of @Phascinate and tell me how it sounds vs the cipher cable please.
  15. Qrays34
    Sadly my zx300 is sold just today, so I no longer be able to compare these two...
    But I’m more into a simple combo, and being able to just plug in my phone is so good an experience for me, I’m not sure if I will get another DAP back...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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