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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. m8o
    My finding is that this is what I want / need / like too when using the Cipher BT cable. I found playback to be a little dark using it. A bit of eq sussing-up the upper half of the spectrum works nicely.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
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  2. Maximiliano Campo
    Regarding burn-in, I've had the Isine20 for a month now and burned them in for 300hours, and compared it with my friend's freshly opened brand new set and there was no difference. I believe burn-in is a myth, waste of time.
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  3. keithmarsh
    1st set from the groovy kit - one of the tips wasn’t moulded properly so I got sent another groovy kit... so I got a 2nd set.

    All my medium hooks I had broke so the UK distributor sent me 2 large as replacements. So that’s 3 and 4.

    I still needed medium hooks so I contacted Audeze direct and they sent me 2 medium and 2 large. Giving me the 5th and 6th pair.
  4. acia
    audeze didn't charge you shipping to the UK?

    at the moment, i don't use any hooks, using aftermarket cable as ear hooks. ok if not moving around.

    have you thought of making your own hooks? i have given a thought using titnanium wire. but not sure how hard/soft those wires are.

  5. metaldood
    Did anyone's BT module ship? It's saying shipping in early February.
  6. faithguy19
    I am guessing he bought one of the packs off Audeze website. They usually send several extra in a pack. That is what I did. I ended up with a bunch of large I couldn't use and traded them on here for a bunch of medium. Now I have about 6 pairs of mediums. All of which I can use.

    Edit: Oops I didn't see his reply for some reason. Please disregard this post.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  7. billypepper
    I will never admit in person how much I spent to stockpile 3 accessory kits from Audeze just to have medium hooks...let’s just say shipping and duties to continental EU costed just as much as the 3 kits...that’s big hole or a shame in the Audeze ecosystem...just let us buy 50 medium hooks from regional amazon sites..or at least the kit...

    I’ve tried many alternative hooks but the original medium hook is the best for me...

    Now to another topic (it too tainted by bad availability in regional amazon stores and dumb shipping+duties overhead in major markets)...to buy or not to buy the Bluetooth Cypher? I hate how Cypher v2 sounds un-EQed out of the box...I’m afraid the BT Cypher sounds the same and that cannot be EQed system wide in iOS...
  8. acia
    This won't happen. Hooks coming with the copycats are of even worse quality.

    That's why suggesting using titanimum wires to make hooks .

    No usb-c and no ldac is deal-breaker for me.
  9. paruchuribros
    What is the best after market cable for isine 20 with high amperage? Planning to use with lg v30+
  10. m8o
    How do you think voltage, resistance, and current [amperage] works? I.e relates?

    You supply voltage ... based on the amount or resistance and/or impedance, current [amperage] is then 'drawn'.

    That said, I love my balanced cable I bought on eBay. Go to Ebay and search for this:

  11. paruchuribros
    Thank you for the recommendation. Can't spend too much for the cable. I am looking something cheap in price and comparable quality
  12. cstark27
    Awesome, thanks! Just installed V4A for this and will see if I like it or if I'm too far used to non-EQ now

    Nah, not yet for me.
  13. faithguy19
    Have you looked into Frank88's earhook solution?
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  14. acia
    Yes I have .if not mistaken. Frank is using the audeze circular part and after market hook and joined together.

    Ideal would be one metal piece. Thus titanium wire.
  15. faithguy19
    Ah ok. I'm following you better now. Titanium just sounds so uncomfortable.
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