Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Aug 25, 2017.
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  1. Mosauwer
    I am highly interested with this. I have el8 open and sine... Please @KMann and @Audeze update the cipher cable firmware with new dsp setting. Its a good combination that we can use sine outside without carrying a chunk of amps...
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  2. AlwaysForward
    Is the Cipher different than the Roon? I imagine not?
  3. groovyd
    Awesome... been using custom Sonarworks calibrations for all my headphones but it isn't cheap or easy sending them off to Latvia to have done. Their averages corrections are arguably accurate to within 3db for all headphones of that model but the custom calibration takes the accuracy up to within 0.9dB of flat from 10hz - 20khz. Filters are linear phase for not introducing phase distortion but their correction is only amplitude correction and not phase. What is the full nature of this correction, amplitude and phase or just amplitude? Is the filter linear phase? What is the added latency in ms? And what is the precision of correction relative to flat across the entire spectrum? Also, do you offer custom calibrations by serial number? Apparently you already have FR measurements for all the LCD you have sold by serial number?

    I'm happy with Sonarworks because they also handle speaker calibration as well and have a nice systemwide app and dsp plugins for both mac and windows but I think what you guys are doing here is exceptional and very welcome. I really wish more companies provided these corrections for their headphones, averages and individuals. I absolutely love my LCDs (X, XC, and Sine) and think you guys are really pushing excellence forward.
  4. KMann
    Except for iSines, the Cipher has just a slight Bass boost.
    Sine and El-8 are quite close to neutral to begin with and we used a slight bass boost to make them a bit more fun. I can understand you like the Roon presets, and Roon preset is a way for us to offer 'two headphones in one' so you can pick between the default tuning or the Rune preset depending on mood or the type of music. If we see more demand for the Roon preset with Cipher cable, we can see what we can do. But I am not sure how that helps if you are using an external amp though.
  5. KMann
    Our approach is quite different from Sonarworks and I believe Sonarworks have their custom measurement rig and I have not tried them myself. Linear/min-phase/mixed-phase/pure-analog all have their relative merits and at some point comes down to how a transducer would respond, your preferences and rest of your system. For a music-play back only setup such as Roon, latency is not an issue (compared to video sync or for live monitoring). Since we offer a two month trial for Roon, we would love your feedback if you check it out with your LCD-X and XC.

    Regarding a personalized calibration the measurements need to be far more comprehensive than what we keep. You can find some more information here. We do not have any immediate plans of offering such service.
  6. Mosauwer
    Thanks @KMann i really hope it will be soon available. And for another note i dont use external amp outside as long as i have cipher cable and sine together. Though i had to get an iphone for this operation but i didnt mind. Because it saved me from carrying an extra device. And oh my goodness, sine needs a lot of currently to shine fully (my phone dont actually power it to its full potential to be honest unless i use cipher and iphone with it).
    And the sound signature of house audeze, the neutrality and coherency of el8 open pushed me for the open solution to get a sine. And later LCD 3.
    Adding some extra features like roon is a great bonus for us for sure. At least we have an option to tweak our listings. Kudos. @Audeze and @KMann
  7. Gaben
    +1 Would absolutely love for those presets to be available for the Cipher cable
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  8. groovyd
    +1 - I'd love a sine correction preset built into the cipher firmware. Ideally a custom curve based on the headphone measurements by serial number.
  9. Eide
    And I would love to see a cipher "pro" cable for the LCD i4 with the Roon presets.
  10. flohmann
    First impressions using the LCD-2 preset on my pre-Fazor LCD-2 are very positive. Adds significant top-end and tightens up the bass. Not quite up to the level of my Focal Utopias, but closes the gap significantly. Pretty nice free upgrade (I'm already a lifetime Roon user) for my aging first-get LCD-2. Thanks!
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  11. Pete Gardner
    I was about to push the button on purchasing a cable upgrade for my lcd-xc. Does this affect the dsp setting and, if so, would I get a better result using dsp vs cable upgrade (C3s UPOCC)?
  12. KMann
    DSP settings can have a bigger effect than a cable upgrade and the two should be treated as parallel paths. It also depends on what you wish to accomplish through the cable upgrade. If it is a change in tonal balance, then you are better off checking the DSP first, if you are looking for other characteristics, such a slight improvement in clarity/transparency/darker background etc, then a cable upgrade may be the right choice.

    As a first step, Roon trial is free and you can contact to get the code for an extended trial too. Roon is great if you want a way to manage a large music library and have multiple options for streaming. If you are looking at Roon only for DSP, and do not mind using a plugin with music players such as Foobar2k/Jriver/A+, we are going to release a plugin 'Reveal' that has the same DSP presets as Roon and we will make the plugin available for free. In the mean time I think you can still try Roon to see if the presets satisfy your needs.
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  13. Pete Gardner
    Thanks KMann.
    I think I will travel down both roads to see where it leads.
  14. KMann
    We have updated the Roon prests with couple of customization options, please see here(
    1. We have added Wet/Dry mix, same as what is offered by Audeze Reveal plugin. This controls the extent to which the preset is applied.
    2. We have added a linear-phase option to all the presets in addition to the previous presets which now are available as 'Low-latancy'. The Low-latency option currently uses a zero-delay, analog equivalent filters.
    The linear-phase filters are quite long and have a latancy of about 3 seconds for Redbook, but improve imaging and transparancy. They are also processor intensive, but should be a problem except on some low powered CPU while playing DSD.

    @groovyd - I remember you asking about linear-phase presets, this may be of interest to you.
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  15. David B
    I use the preset for my LCD-4. Can you provide a little bit of a layperson’s explanation of the pros and cons of the two linear phase filters? I use a pretty fast CPU (Apple) so, if I’m seeking the most transparency and imaging (a/k/a sound quality), is the new option the way to go?
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