Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Aug 25, 2017.
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  1. CANiSLAYu
    Can someone explain how Roon works to me? I have an AURALiC Altair, which is Roon compatible. I have my files on a NAS as well as TIDAL HiFi, which I access/control from the AURALiC Lightning DS app on my iDevices. Could I use Roon and these presets with my LCD-4 and this setup?
  2. gunwale
    i do not have a audeze but have i listen to lcd x many times.

    i think each of the setting potrays the lcd series quite accurately.

    so far lcd 4 3 and X improves the bass better than any other eq or bass boost settings.

    lcd X settings boost sub bass while the lcd 3 yields a tighter bass. lcd 4 on the other hand feels like a combination of x and 3 that gives you a more 3d bass.

    the mids and treble are also slightly smoother but not as noticable as the bass.
  3. canali
    a bit too complicated to explain briefly.
    go onto Roon Labs and find out more ...
    or see Dar's reviews
  4. KMann
    Promo codes do not expire any time soon but we cannot guarantee it beyond 6 months.

    Yes we developed presets for all our models including LCD-X.
  5. Gowry
    I've been using the LCD-X preset and it sounds great. It brings things a bit closer to you, and you hear a lot more detail, especially with voices. Treble tightens up and is well defined. I'm enjoying it immensely
  6. KMann
    I think you will find canali's post below very useful as Roon does a lot more. The short answer to you question is yes. Roon has Tidal integration and you will use Roon to stream Tidal directly to Altair and also use Audeze Presets, and you will also find Roon's interface and Roon's remote a step above the Lightnig DS app.

  7. arftech
    The Roon/Audeze integration via the PHA-3 has made my EL-8 OB a detail machine. Whatever sauce Roon is using tastes delicious! I could imagine the LCD series probably would sound even better.
  8. joe Administrator
    Currently at the office, I'm using my iMac -> Ayre Codex -> Audeze SINE. I'm going to give the combo some more time, but I was enjoying it on Friday.
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  9. arftech
    My Mac is running Audirvana Plus 3 for my main system but I tell you my Lenova/PHA-3 with Roon on it sounds amazing! It's like I have new headphones.
  10. KMann
    Happy to hear you are liking the EL-8 preset. The presets and the R&D for the presets were done by Audeze, we partnered with Roon to integrate these presets. Roon developed the UI and used their extremely efficient DSP engine to apply these presets.
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  11. arftech
    Great job Audeze!
  12. AlwaysForward
    Loving the innovation Audeze!!! Very excited about the passion for DSP and it's future with the product line. Loving the DSP curve in the iSine Cipher Cable. Keep up the great work!
  13. vkalia
    I have 3 Audeze products, have the LCD-4 as a purchase for next year once i shift homes and came across this link while trying to get info on how to best pair the iSines with Android phones.

    Correct me if i am wrong, but to get a DSP pre-sets for headphones that already very expense (this part, i am ok with - I think the LCDs are the best headphones on the market), I need to sign up for a $500 product? And people think this is awesome?


    Dear Audeze - I am a fan of your products. They come the closest to reproducing the sound that I hear in an orchestra hall. But please dont insult my intelligence by claiming that a DSP that requires a $115/yr subscription or $500 purchase is "free". If Audeze is going to go down this path, I am going to re-consider my LCD-4 purchase, as i have no desire to own headphones where simple DSP mods to make it sound better (ie, the musical equivalent of upgrades) are (a) so expensive and (b) tie me into another software that I would otherwise not want. Just feedback from someone who is otherwise a very, very satisfied Audeze user.

    What would be nice, btw, is a Cipher cable style solution for Android.
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  14. KMann
    As a loyal customer who has three Audezes and looking to get the 4th, thank you. We certainly value your inputs and we cannot be where we are without the support of head-fiers such as yourself. We saw Roon as a the most convenient and fastest way to showcase the presets that would not require a whole lot of support and hand-holding, and most of all just works seamlessly. As you may have seen on the iSine threads, we have helped many setup presets and DSPs for many platforms including Android apps and Windows. We did anticipate that not everyone would want to use Roon and we are working on making the presets available in an alternate form, we do not have an ETA yet (worry not, we do not plan to create another music player, software is not our bread-and-butter). We welcome feedback on which other way you would like the presets made available so please feel free to PM me with your ideas.
  15. Matro5
    On the other hand, as a happy Sine owner and a lifetime subscriber to Roon, the DSPs released by this collaboration are quite literally free to me, and represent an unexpected and significant value add to purchases I made months ago. I applaud Audeze and Roon for being so forward-thinking and am excited to see what they do next, as I'm "invested" in Roon's success.

    @KMann, is there a way to replicate the Sine DSP settings with my iPhone + Cipher cable? In other words, do you have recommended EQs for the Sine that would replicate the special sauce that was just released in Roon?
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