audeze lcd-xc
  1. Audeze

    LCD-X and XC Update

    Audeze LCD-X and XC Ever since the LCD-X and XC were introduced, we’ve continually refined them over the years, striving to develop the best headphones for both the studio professional and the audiophile. Some recent examples of these refinements are the headbands and ear cups. Even more...
  2. alxw0w

    [SOLD][FS] Audeze LCD-XC SOLD

    - First owner - still on warranty - very good condition - no scratches or anything - feel free to contact - paypal fees and shipping on buyer side - price is negotiable
  3. W

    Power output of Chord Mojo on max volume

    I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC and I just love the thease headphones. (Previously I had an Opp PM-3). The dealer also suggested to buy a Chord Mojo, and it seems that it smoothens the sound, but not much difference compared to the MacBook. Anyway, I was happily living with both until last...
  4. Tex Irie

    For Trade: 2018 Audeze LCD-XC with Carbon Fiber Headband and Balanced 4 Pin XLR Cable for a Westone W80, Campfire Andromeda/Atlas, Noble Katana/Encore, iBasso DX220, Sony NW-WM1A, or Hiby R6 Pro [SOLD]

    Available for Trade: A 2018 LCD-XC in excellent condition as pictured below. I'm seeking any of the following in return: Westone W80 V1 Campfire Andromeda, Andromeda S, or Atlas Noble Katana or Encore iBasso DX220 Sony NW-WM1A Please PM me to make an offer. The Pelican Case is not included.
  5. Audeze

    Audeze DSP presets now available in Roon

    Audeze is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Roon Labs to offer optional DSP presets for all our headphone models. Roon's Audeze presets apply carefully designed filters specific to the selected Audeze headphone models. In addition to using our headphones “flat (no EQ)” these...
  6. ptolemy2k6

    ***sold*** Audeze LCD-XC + Custom Balanced Cable

    (selling some trying to save for utopia's) audeze lcd-xc are in great shape. overall less than 100 hours on them. please see pictures. one note, there is some leather damage (see pics) but it has nothing to do with sound, just how these came. comes with a custom 8 way balanced cable (silver...