Power output of Chord Mojo on max volume
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Oct 15, 2019
I bought a pair of Audeze LCD-XC and I just love the thease headphones. (Previously I had an Opp PM-3). The dealer also suggested to buy a Chord Mojo, and it seems that it smoothens the sound, but not much difference compared to the MacBook.

Anyway, I was happily living with both until last night that I got obsessed with the colors on the Mojo and was trying to figure out how they work. I did not realize that the headphone is connected to Mojo (the headphone was on the the desk, so no problem for my hearing) and I brought the volume to the max on the mojo for a short time (It was already on the max in the music player on the Macbook that was connected to Mojo via USB). I'm sort of worried now that I may have damaged my beloved LCD-XC. The specs say that maximum power handling for LCD-XC is 5W RMS (https://www.audeze.com/collections/audeze-headphones/products/lcd-xc).
Chord Mojo seems to have such specs: (https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/mojo/)
Output Power @ 1kHz – 600Ω 35mW
Output Power @ 1kHz – 8Ω 720mW.

I don't understand this terms, but I was wondering if it's in theory possible that I have damaged the headphone? How do these ohm numbers compare to 5 W? What is RMS? Could someone please help?
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I doubt you damaged the LCD-XC.
If they still sound good, then i guess they are not damaged.
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what i can't hear you?
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max output voltage is 5.3w rms. RMS means root mean square. It is a measurement of a sound wave which is dynamic. 3 volts is what a cd player sends as output to an amp; so the Mojo goes much louder than a cd player. You have been lucky; your LCD-XC are unlikely to have been damaged.

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