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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. chasfs
    Last night I thought the SR15 doesn't like LAME CBR 320kbps mp3 files. I have an album like that on my sd card - plays fine in foobar2000. SR15 says "File not found" Even when SR15 is connected via USB, the album is invisible via SR15.

    This morning I found SR15 plays CBR 320kbps mp3 files just fine. The problem was the Folder name was "...And His Mother Called Him Bill"

    Files that begin with "." don't show up in the SR15 GUI or in the filesystem when connected via USB
  2. 329161
    Feature request - can we make cue file track lists visible in album view? Currently this only works in playlist>cue sheet or folder view. Cheers!
  3. dawktah2
    I'm having a similar problem. I have USB storage under "External USB" icon but no sound into Chord Hugo TT2 or Woo Audio WA8.

    Receiving 20190309_125612.jpg 20190309_130235.jpg this error as well

    Can anyone help?
  4. Afghan Vet
    Funny - I just did this again the other day - just curious about difference between Aries source vs SR15 through the Vega.

    Sitting at my desk without the cable connected - I could not get the USB button to do anything - kept on touching it - no reaction - trying to remember how I got it to work in the past.

    Then I connected the iFi OTG cable I had bought and connected via USB to the Vega - boom! The USB button lit up. So the A&K has to ‘see’ the output device it seems before it is able to switch to output mode through the USB port. I didn’t get any error messages or anything, and the process I described might totally be what you did, but I thought I would post in the event that someone else was trying to put it in USB output mode without having it connected to anything.
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  5. Astonm
    Hi all, I have read all the posts on here with interest. I have been looking for a Hi Res player for ages the biggest issue was trying to justify the cost (to my wife more so) However I am now in a position to buy a top DAP. I have tried a Fiio x5 and an iBasso (borrowed from a friend) and they sound pretty good to me using my AKG K550 although I did get a bit frustrated with the UI. I always liked the A&K AK70 but now the SR15 is here and reading your thoughts on the unit I think this is the best choice. Any thoughts on the headphones I am using AKG K550? I have also been looking at the Beyerdynamic Amiron headphones has anyone paired these with the SR15?

    Thank you
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  6. biscottino
    if you want a headset that is good with sr15, throw a blind eye on Ultrasone, coupled with a lot of synergy, in particular I use the Studio Signature, it’s a tank like construction, and the Tribute7, but it is much more expensive.
    You also think a Signature Pro which is One of the best closed headphone play with the Dap.
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  7. biscottino
    in the end I decided for a Meze Rai Penta, I read great things on this headset and then for the fact that Meze is in Europe and easily reachable in case of warranty, now I'm already on the road and soon I should already play them.
  8. NovaFlyer
    Tried the Rai Penta with the SR15 last month, and it was terrific. Congrats on your new purchase!
  9. singleended5863
    I am listening the SR15 with CIEM Phantoms via Ares II 8wire. The combination is an excellent SQ to my ears.
  10. dawktah2
    Finally got it to work into my TT2. I had to toggle both on an off until the LED in the TT2 indicated a signal. I am not sure how to achieve the same on the Woo WA8
  11. domho7
    Yes tried the meze rai pentai on 3.5mm and 2.5mm cables. I was blown away by the sq.
    I be making preorder soon with local store.
  12. Recordedmusikaddict
    Took me quite a while to get my head around the SR15. After a week of use, I can honestly say it is the best DAP I've owned and I've had teh Astell and Kerns, the Sonys, the Ipods, the Fiio-the lot! I had an issue with the slowness of downloads to offline but I was advised to save the downloads into internal memory and leave the SD Cards for ripped music. I must say that has worked a treat as it appears download speeds are faster if going into internal memory. So more than happy with the SR15.
  13. ThomasHK
    For the fans of Bubble upnp, I've been corresponding with the developer as the response time with the SR15 was really slow. He's implemented some workarounds to the SR15s strange DLNA behaviour (his words) and the latest update has solved near all issues. I'll keep the dialog going with him in case more bugs pop up
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  14. JeroenTop
    Until Roon works, I use mconnect in my Apple-environment. Works good enough for now
  15. ThomasHK
    I don't know how it looks on iOS, but on android mConnect is hideous.
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