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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. pitch_black

    Time to start a A&norma SR15 Impression and Review thread.

    I have my device since yesterday, shortly after it came available at my preferred DAP/HP dealer (www.k55.ch) here in Switzerland.

    Have a nice Sunday, cheers
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  2. pitch_black
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  3. maira
    Congrats! What are your first impressions?
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  4. musicday
  5. gr8soundz
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  6. pitch_black
    Thanks guys (and girls if present)!

    I heard the A&futura (SE100) a few weeks ago and thought it was quite good, but not as good as my old AK240 - which I still painfully regret selling till this day :triportsad:

    In between, I had a SonyMW1A, which was also quite good - different but good. Actually, I wanted to wait until the WM1Z is reasonably affordable or Sony brings something out special for the 40th Walkman anniversary. But then the A&norma was unexpectedly early in stock and this one felt right - right away - with a good price-quality ratio.

    The AK240 I used with mainly with the SE846 and the Signature Pro, the WM1A with the SE846 and Z1R. The A&norma now I hear with the Campfire Audio Polaris - a good team so far :darthsmile:
  7. .Sup
    pics or it didn't happen :)
  8. pitch_black
    I have no unboxing..... only this here....

    one complain I have already.... other than on the AK240 the protective cover for the front and back is not pre-applied. At least it has two sets - BUT - the sticker on the front you can't remove without leaving ugly sticky adhesive. I tried to remove it but in the process the protective film did get bend and it looks very ugly.... so at that moment I have no cover and no protective film on it. I looks they use poor quality adhesive or it did get hot while transport.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2018
  9. pitch_black
    UI is very fast, I would say even faster than on the SE100 :ksc75smile:
  10. .Sup
    Very nice photo, thanks! Are you using Tidal?
  11. pitch_black
    Most of my music is from Qobuz, unfortunately not available anymore on AK - maybe as soon Tidal is broke.

    Yes I tried already Tidal HiFi - it worked fine so far. I was in the train between Zürich and Bern and listen through a hotspot on my iPhone. The SR15 did get a bit hot though. Hopefully we will see Tidal offline in a few months :beyersmile:
  12. pitch_black
    Maybe there is a heat issue.:triportsad:

    I already mentioned it get pretty hot while streaming, well it get's also hot when its in the pants in normal music listening conditions. This is normal more or less I guess. But the device is also really hot in switched on no playing anything, that's not normal I think. The AK240 was also hot when streaming music or playing in a bag, but not just switched on and the WM1A wasn't hot at all.

    Some other owners out there experiences something similar?
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  13. Will Chiu
    Sound wise, is there main difference between ak70mkii and sr15?
    Got the ak70mkii not so long ago...
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  14. Lerrens
    Can it show Lyrics? Wondering where the Lyrics button go?
  15. deewy

    Congrats on your Norma. Just a tip for the screen protector. I went through the same issue with SE100. However, the foil wheres the sticker is another protective film on the actual screen protector. Try to peel it by the corner you will see the actual screen protector remaining on the display.
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