1. OscSop

    File Format - FLAC 24/192 vs DSD64 vs MQA

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I have been reading so much about this and have basically come full circle and still have no idea as to an answer. There may not be an answer and may be down to personal preference, but even so, I'm going to ask! I have been listening to some FLAC...
  2. anuvid

    Astell & Kern A&Norma SR15 Syncing playlists

    I previously used Mediamonkey to synchronise playlists created on Mediamonkey on my PC to an AK70 and also my Samsung Galaxy and formerly my iphone. No problems. Got a new SR15 and whilst it says it is copying the files and playlists, the playlists appear but are empty. Seem to be 4 options...
  3. R

    Tidal downloads on Astell&Kern SR15 A&norma

    I am a newly. I purchased an A&K SR15 mainly to listen to Tidal offline when flying. I have installed the Tidal android app (2.13.2) as instructed, but can only download with the setting to "Normal". No higher fidelity setting will permit me to download, despite having a HIFI subscription...
  4. R

    Help, please! How to get Tidal downloads onto an A&K SR15 A&norma

    Hi, I am new to the forum and new to a portable device: an Astell&Kern SR15 A&norma I purchased on Ebay to be able to listen to Tidal music offline. To my surprise, I now believe I have to install a Tidal app from APK onto my player to be able to download Tidal music--the installed service on...
  5. umbrellaus

    [HOW TO] Install any applications on your A&K SE100

    Okay, no BS, follow the instruction carefully, should also work on other OpenAPK machines as well. First, download VirtualAppEx from here, then place it to openAPK service folder and install it. Allow all permissions in the application settings. If it prompts application not installed, please...
  6. A

    Portable Player or Chord Mojo

    Dear all I'm a TIDAL member since almost 2 month. Using my Samsung Note9 to listen my favorite songs etc. Now, since the Master and Hifi tracks are around I would really like to "listen" to the better quality. At home I'm using Roon with Tidal and a SOtM sms-200 Neo to stream Master and Hifi...
  7. M

    Should I go balanced? Which CD Ripper?

    Firstly thanks for all the community help on here in making my decisions entering the audiophile world. I had my ear impressions made today and am pairing some CIEM Roxanne's with an AK SR15 to replace my old separates and speakers and crappy in ears. Should I fork out the extra £150 for the...
  8. M

    AK SR15 or second hand AK240/320?

    Hi everyone, Love this community, opinions please!? Trying to decide between a new Astell and Kern SR15 or a second hand other model, some great deals to be had. But like the fast and intuitive interface on the SR15, but want as much storage as possible, and Dual DAC balanced output. Will...
  9. pitch_black

    Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

    Hi, Time to start a A&norma SR15 Impression and Review thread. I have my device since yesterday, shortly after it came available at my preferred DAP/HP dealer ( here in Switzerland. Have a nice Sunday, cheers