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Portable Player or Chord Mojo

  1. allucinox
    Dear all

    I'm a TIDAL member since almost 2 month. Using my Samsung Note9 to listen my favorite songs etc.

    Now, since the Master and Hifi tracks are around I would really like to "listen" to the better quality. At home I'm using Roon with Tidal and a SOtM sms-200 Neo to stream Master and Hifi files.

    But how about portable devices? I'm actually a owner of FiiO x5 mk3 and I hate it. Too slow, etc etc. My idea is to sell the FiiO and buy:

    Hiby R6 or R6 pro
    A&K SR15
    Chord Mojo

    Now, pro for Chord Mojo and A&K is that I have a support, in case something goes wrong. Hiby....I don't think so.

    Betweek A&K SR15 and Chord Mojo: pro for SR15 is that you have a portable device which contains all songs incl. .flac files. Chord Mojo needs to have all the files on my phone....this would also mean that using the Chord Mojo drains the battery of my phone...

    What do you think? Or what would your choose? Any other pro's and con's? Or even other player's?

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. corgifall
    Even When using the fiio q5 in bluetooth or oppo ha2 I still had a hard time taking either with me when I went to work or went out. I'm using the fiio m9 and I really like it. I have the cayin n5 as well and I enjoy both at work. If you can keep with having the mojo(which is thick) with you it may not be a big deal but I'd go dap for sure.
  3. surfgeorge
    I have had the Mojo for a little less than a year and still love it’s natural sound.
    I originally paired it with a Cayin N3 later with the HiBy R3 as Transports.
    Since I subscribed to Tidal I am more and more using the Mojo as DAC/Amp with the PC, iPad or phone, depending on the situation.

    For a portable setup this is great, I use it on travels and at work. For listening to music on the move it’s less practical, in that case a DAP is really much easier to handle. On the plane, in a bus or train the Mojo-Hiby stack is ok for me though.

    One note about the sound: Mojo is natural, smooth, IMO extremely good at reconstructing music (soundstage, details, separation, always natural)
    The R3 from HiBy sounds a bit too processed for me, it sounds as if bass, mids and treble are treated differently to create an effect. That sounds impressive at first but I always prefer the Mojo. The R6 is in a different class, but from all I read has similar characteristics.
    Also consider that it has a high output impedance which can change the sound of IEMs with low impedance (i.e. Andromeda)

    My setup:
  4. allucinox
    Con's for the Mojo is that the phone will be still used...so I need to check that I have enough battery everytime....that's something which doesn't happen with a DAP.....
    But I'm unsure which DAP....the A&K SR15 seems to have a perfect implementation of TIDAL. The support is also great (I've checked some Firmware Updates and was happy to see that they listen to the customers).
    iBasso, Hiby, FiiO are not so high price but how about the Support? It's a mix of everything.....not only how many format it plays etc.....
  5. Grimbles
    Worth also noting that the Mojo does not support MQA (ie Tidal masters per your first post). Something like the iFi xDSD may well tick more boxes for you and you can always add a DAP as a transport later down the line.
  6. allucinox
    i think i go for a dap. powered on.my x5mk3 and uodated the firmware...oh man....so slow...really..had to restart a few times.

    hope hope that the sr15 is is not slow at all....or do you have other daps which are pricely better then a sr15?
  7. Grimbles
    I really like the look of the sr15 though havent played with one. I have an ak70 mk i though and it is never slow.
  8. allucinox
    what i really dont want is to pay for somethi g which is slower then my x5 mk3....soooo slow, really
  9. Grimbles
    Go play with one then!

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