Help, please! How to get Tidal downloads onto an A&K SR15 A&norma
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Jul 23, 2019
Hi, I am new to the forum and new to a portable device: an Astell&Kern SR15 A&norma I purchased on Ebay to be able to listen to Tidal music offline.

To my surprise, I now believe I have to install a Tidal app from APK onto my player to be able to download Tidal music--the installed service on the device only allows streaming.

I have a mac and a pc to work with. It seems that I cannot download it via the MacBook, so I have downloaded the Pure APK Install app onto my PC and downloaded the Tidal app from the site. But despite trying many permutations, I am clueless as to how to get the Tidal android app onto my SR15.

If anyone has been down this road (successfully) and will guide me in detail what to do, I will be so indebted. ( If there is a thread that has instructions, please point me to it--and apologies for not finding it myself.) Otherwise, I have a pretty expensive paperweight on my hands.

So excited to solve this problem and then moving on to buy some good headphones!
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First let me say I hope you find answers to your questions and I go on to say I also am new to this quest for finding quality music sources . I was somewhat discouraged when I found out that streaming music on Spotify did not offer the quality that many here use our strive for , this is also a hurdle I am trying to navigate so will be watching this thread in hopes of finding answers also. Obviously A good sounding system starts with a good source of music then DAC/AMP and a good set of headphones . Would be very useful to find a post/tutorial covering these three areas but I have yet to find a post regarding the ABCs and 123’s , I can only imagine said post would be very objective and subject of great scrutiny ,but a simple description ,diagram or what have you, describing music sources and DAC’s, amplifiers and headphone basics would be helpful .
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A&K was nice enough to send me a link to instructions that even I could follow. See open-app-service-instructions . Note that downloading with the Tidal app on this device would not work until I set the Download setting to "Normal" from anything higher in quality. Makes me wonder if that defeats the whole purpose of buying the device in the first place!

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