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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. Fishdo
    Could anyone tell me in what circumstances you would use the USB output (in settings) with PCM or the other option of DoP.

    I have found from some searching that DoP (DSD over PCM) is a format created by iRiver and is basically a DSD signal in a PCM transport...

    But in respect to using the SR15 options I cannot seem to find a situation or reason where you would select one over the other unless the equipment you are using the SR15 doesn’t have the PCM capability...

    Is that the only possible reason or are there others?

    Also in the same settings folder you can select or deselect MQA decoding software...

    Is this to be selected when using the SR15 with a laptop computer etc that has been loaded with A&Ks MQA software driver?

    And if you are not using the USB output other than as an OTG source with a Mojo does it matter what these options are set to?

    Thanks Guys.
  2. CANiSLAYu
    For anyone lurking on this thread who hasn't picked one up yet, I have my unit up for sale!
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The DAC at the receiving end has to be DoP capable, not all are, hence standard PCM as a regular option.

    Choosing between them reverts to the DSD vs PCM debate. Which do you prefer. Imo DSD sounds slightly smoother/more analog while PCM highlights detail slightly better. I have no real preference as the differences are minor.

    No idea on MQA.
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  4. Fishdo
    Thanks mate I really appreciate you taking the time to explain...

    Even A&K haven’t bothered to reply to my email to them over 2 weeks since.

  5. JasonNYC
    Holiday deals are now available for Astell&Kern customers in the US and Canada directly from the Astell&Kern US website - https://us.astellnkern.com and at participating authorized dealers in the US/Canada. For a list of dealers, please visit https://us.astellnkern.com/apps/store-locator. Holiday deals are available from 11/25/19 through 12/29/19 or while supplies last.

    A full list of deals can be found here - https://us.astellnkern.com/blogs/news/a-k-2019-holiday-promotions

    There will be additional discounts on the SR15, SE100, SP1000, SP1000M, KANN and Billie Jean starting on Black Friday, 11/29 and running through Cyber Monday, 12/2.
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  6. Kenji1066
    Just picked up the SR15, mostly happy so far.

    Is there any way round the limitation to only being able to install 4 apps?
  7. JeremyLaurenson
    @JasonNYC any news on the "External playlists" issue where they're stripped of their songs if you bring them into the AK?
  8. Hedley Lammarr
    I have read every single post in this thread & would like to add a few things.

    Firstly, what a great community. Wonderful advice & shared experiences.

    Secondly, JasonNYC, you have the patience of a saint. Thanks very much for your much valued contribution.

    I’ve had my SR15 for about 3 weeks & I love it. No experiences with overheating at all. Not even warm. I run Campfire Andromeda with an Effect Eros II balanced playing FLAC from an SD card. The speed the DAP scans the SD card is crazy fast. Its formatted as a FAT32 256gb.

    The only issue I have found is the auto power down timer not working.

    Battery is fine, but would always like more.

    Sound is superb. Detailed, fast & musical.

    Still none to wiser how to side-load Tidal. Been to several sites & my Windows 10 laptop but won’t open the APKpure download. Oh well.

    Seen peeps upset over limitations on playlists. I’ve not tried to do this but it would be awesome if it was implemented.

    Anyway, here to say the SR15 is Beautiful & one of the common reasons peeps sell their own device is the constant need to chase the (impossible long term) endgame.
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  9. marcus2704
    Download the APK for Tidal from here - https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/tidal/tidal-tidal/tidal-tidal-2-15-1-release/#downloads - connect the SR15 to your laptop, copy the APK onto the SR15 in the folder called 'Open Service', then on the SR15 go to Services (IIRC, I dont have mine to hand) and the APK should appear there. Just click to run, and sign in with your Tidal account.
  10. Hedley Lammarr
    Thanks for taking the time to reply Marcus. Will follow your link & steps when I arrive home
  11. JezS
    Has anyone managed to get the latest Apple Music 3.0.1APK working? Version 2.9.0 was fine, but the new version installs then says "Unfortunately, Apple Music has stopped".
  12. ce3eoa

    I tried to use the SR-15 as USB Dac with Audirvana, but I listen the music with a poping sound, I don´t have problems with my other Daps, the Plenue 2, Hiby R5 or Shanling M0, someone has a solution for the problem?
  13. rlw6534
    I believe the issue is related to the newer "split apk" format that Google is using to distribute some apps. Both Spotify and Apple Music are now using this new format. The apk files that are distributed on the download sites are not complete and/or packaged for the wrong architecture (I do not believe the SR-15 is an ARM64 device). I asked earlier on this thread but was met with dead silence.

    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  14. OscSop
    Hi, newbie here, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I am looking at buying the SR15. Reasoning, is that although I have loved various iterations of the ipod since it first came out many years ago, I have now grown tired of the ipod with the dependance on iTunes and the fact there is no expandable storage to the ipod. As such I am looking for a solution that will allow me to copy lossless/ hi def music to a device and listen locally from either the device or a microSD card or, stream from Tidal. I am currently listening to music locally on my Samsung Galaxy S8 or streaming from Tidal on the S8 with either the Bose QC 35 II or Bose SoundSport headphones.

    I was originally looking at the newly announced Sony Walkman NW A105, but from reading the various reviews of the AK SR15, I like what I hear and thought that this may be worth the extra money spent on it. I would use the SR15 while commuting to work (running, walking or car), at the gym, generally at home.

    I have a couple of queries:
    1. Has anyone used the Sony Walkmans or have a comparison between the Walkman & the SR15?
    2. Might be a stupid question, but both my headphones are wireless, does this defeat the object in listening to hi-def music? Should I really be using wired (balanced/ unbalanced) headphones.
    3. Assuming I should get wired headphones, is there a 'budget' option that is worth it? For example, What hifi recommend the AKG K92s. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can I get a decent set of wired (balanced/ unbalanced) headphones for under £100?

    I am continuing to read through this post/ thread and it is interesting reading, I am liking what I hear.
    Kind Regards
    Sheffield, UK
  15. Kenji1066
    Hi Jon,

    Good questions - sorry I haven't heard the Sony NW A105 or AKG K92s but maybe I can help you out on points 2 & 3.

    2. Most people agree that wired sounds better but I don't think using bluetooth on a hi-res player defeats the object of listening to hi-def music - there are some pretty good wireless headphones out there and if you ever go wired you'd be happy. One thing though, the SR15 is a pretty pricey bit of gear, for me at least, using the SR15 only for bluetooth wouldn't be worth the money. Have you looking into the Fiio M11? It's more reasonably priced than the SR15, the only reason I didn't pick it up is because it's too big to fit in my jeans.

    3. In regards to budget IEMs take a look on drop.com - they offer good value on some well regarded gear. There's also a buzz around 'chi-fi' at the moment but I haven't heard any. Check out 'Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews' on youtube. He reviews a lot of stuff from china. In general it's best to listen before you buy but for $100 the loss is not so bad and it's coming up to Christmas so you can give them to someone if you're not keen on them :wink:
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