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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. sandy1010
    The floating button won’t work on first press. First press wakes it, second press works.
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  2. Fishdo
    Hi guys
    I have tried reading through most of this thread since last and I have tried separate searches on this thread and on the internet generally and I cannot seem to find the answer to a question I have regarding the use of the micro SD card with the SR15...

    I want to move my iTunes library or most of it onto a SanDisk micro card so I can use that card to play my music on the SR15.

    I have found plenty of information about transferring my iTunes library to an SD card and for transferring to an Android phone. I simply drag and drop my iTunes music selection into the card reader window.

    But what I cannot answer is if I need to format the card or some other type of preparation or indeed if I need to do any other type of method to transfer the iTunes tracks to the SD card so everything will be readable on the SR15 not just the songs themselves but also the album artwork and other track information.

    Also I am not sure if I need to convert my iTunes tracks to a different file type or bit rate etc again so I will get the best sound quality I can from my iTunes songs on the SR15.

    For reference I am a novice with anything Android, I use a MacBook and most of my iTunes library was ripped from CDs or other music files that I purchased over the years from many sources not just the iTunes store.

    I am sorry to make this long winded but I am trying to be as descriptive as I can which hopefully you guys will be able to understand from my rambling...

    I would really appreciate any advice you guys could give please, I found a few posts on here that talked about transferring music but I couldn’t find anything specific to what I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance and I hope you’re all having a great Sunday.
  3. punknotyet
    Fishdo, just copy them to micro sd card and that's all. There's nothing magical in these regular m4a files :).
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  4. Fishdo
    Thanks mate I appreciate you taking the time to reply...

    I was feeling a little concerned after reading some guys saying on here that they had issues with their music files..,

    Thanks again mate
  5. Double C
    Word of caution for anyone that downloads the latest Tidal 2.17 on the SR15. There is a new Sony Feature called 360 Reality Audio available but from what I'm experiencing If you have this feature on in settings and you try to listen on the SR15, Tidal will crash. I had to turn the 360 off.
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  6. Doctordoom16
    Does 2.17 get rid of the stuttering when playing back downloaded mqa songs? It is maddening that this happens but not consistanly as it happens in a song then when replayed it won't. So annoyed. Any help?
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Selling my mint SR15 with dignis leather case, box and all, What's a good price, 450?
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
  8. Fishdo
    If the APK Pure file for Spotify is corrupted could someone recommend an alternative to APK Pure so I can load a good version onto the SR15 please?

    I have tried searching for alternatives on google and then checking reviews but something is niggling me about choosing one of them as the reviews look like I used to see for dodgy websites...

    Does anyone use Qobuz on their SR15? I have been using it but have had a lot of small issues with response and using off line music... sometimes I get no response when selecting buttons like back etc and when I go to use off line playlists sometimes they aren’t there or the playlist itself opens but there are no tracks... I tried unloading the app and reinstalling and also tried different SD cards and then re-downloading my music... I have tried this a few times now... I also get some tracks on the playlist showing as downloaded but with no title it just says’null’ I then try re-importing that track and nothing happens so I try removing from off line library and I still cannot import it back although I am given the option...

    I am not an Android user so I have no idea where to find a reliable site to recommend a reliable APK download site...

    How much of a drain does the battery have when downloading on WiFi (with a strong signal) ? I can see the power percentage drop around every couple of minutes... it’s a new model... so battery should not be weak from use...

    Last edited: Nov 5, 2019
  9. rlw6534
    @JasonNYC - bump
  10. Fishdo
    I have really been enjoying my SR15... I much prefer it to my FiiO M11.....

    I was looking for a case for it and the only options I could find was the A&K case or the Miter case but neither cover the whole case properly or then there’s the Dignis.. which does cover properly but price wise here they are about £100 or so and the others around £40-50...

    So I had a look on AliExpress and found a silicone case in smoked black for £14 and it arrived today so I thought I would share a pic of what arrived.. I received a front and back tempered glass cover and the wipes and bits plus there were 2 different types of carry handles so you can wrap the case around your wrist and one of them has some sort of release mechanism which I haven’t worked out yet...

    But for decent protection and a decent price I think it’s a good alternative to the more expensive options...

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  11. Fishdo
    Here it is fitted...


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  12. sensenick
    But does it not make it difficult to use the volume wheel?
  13. Fishdo
    Not at all mate... access is no different with or without it...
  14. Oleksandr Hnyp
    Hi guys,

    Has anyone experience with new ibasso dx160? It uses same dual dac as sr15, but I believe amps are different. I did not find any comparison of sound between sr15 and dx160. Can anybody compare them?
  15. Fishdo
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