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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. audio-
    Thanks for your responses, they're very helpful.

    Hope I can ask a few more questions about the SR15. Are you finding the MQA quality quite good? Is it doing a full unfold? IIRC the usual output is at 88khz/24bit.

    Also might anyone know of a set of iems that pair well with the SR15. Mostly I'm interested in a wide soundstage.

    Lastly, are there options for high res music for people who prefer to download? The SR15 seems to have support for Deezer, Groovers+ and Tidal, but it seems like these offer streams only, you can't purchase individual tracks for permanent use. I know of HDtracks and bleep.com. Are there others to try?

    Thanks very much.
  2. audio-
    Two other questions: is the only way to feed an spdif into the SR15 probably a Mutec box?

    Any advice regarding headphone pairings with the SR15. I was thinking of maybe trying a Focal Elear. I'm mostly interested in a large soundstage and a detailed rendering. A headphone can even have a bit of a "warm" presentation in my opinion but the SR15 seems to have a bit of warmth already baked into the sound (at least to my ears).

  3. noobandroid
    you can use open service version of tidal to enable offline playback inclusive of MQA files, that's how i use it
  4. leaky74
    I’m considering selling my SR15 and case (bought Feb 2019), if anyone’s interested. Great player but I’ve been struck down with upgradeitis again!
  5. domho7
    Going for SP2000 or kann cube.
    I am also itchy for upgrades.
  6. leaky74
    I’m actually keen on the Cayin N6ii - I like the idea of being able to change the whole motherboard (satisfying the need for upgrades but cheaper!)
  7. xxAMAROKxx
    If you find better pocket DAP for traveling than SR15, please let me know.
    leaky74 likes this.
  8. noobandroid
    looks like until now nobody has a solution to the buzzing audio when SR15 runs as a dac on windows 10.. waiting for answers official and unofficial and nothing is happening
  9. xxAMAROKxx
    Does the buzzing stop, when you press play?
  10. noobandroid
    after only a couple of seconds of playing
  11. xxAMAROKxx
    This may be due to ground interference on the way between the source and amplifier.
  12. Recordedmusikaddict
  13. Recordedmusikaddict
    For classical purchased downloads, two sites I find valuable: Presto Hi Res from the UK and eClassical from Sweden (mainly BIS label of Sweden).
    For Jazz, HD Tracks.
  14. JeroenTop
    Qobuz is a great site for buying music, especially if you have a Sublime+ membership. Withe the membership you get seizable discounts on Hi-Res material. You pay CD-quality prices for most of their Hi-Res catalogue.
  15. noobandroid
    any suggested "maybe" solution?
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