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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Neo Zuko

    Great. That should eliminate the need for having something separate for watching video on my phone. I don't know why I thought I would need a separate DAC for that. I think the AK380 website says the feature is "PC USB" is why. I've noticed the details are sometimes hazy on A&K products.
  2. Dellwolf
    With most DAPs that I've tried with the DAC function I find it's mostly dependent on the phone you are using for the source. I've never had a problem my LG V20 though.
  3. makk12
    Will i ever be able to buy this......
  4. Eroica4th

    Don't think too much...
  5. sonickarma
    There are always alternative ways to attain it 
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  6. LouisArmstrong

    Certainly, when the AK480 comes out (which I believe won't be long). The only question is whether the 480 will be even bigger than the 380.
  7. parabellum777
    My AK380 (both with and without AMP) and Rhapsodio Solar CIEM inside an Elephant Elite EL008 case with pre-cut foam:
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  8. Eroica4th
    Any honest comparison between SE and Balanced? Both amped and unamped.
  9. Dionysus
    Unmapped my opinion, the SE sounds better. I don't know if it's because of the ribbon use on the balanced. But for me the SE sounds better in everway without using all the audio buzzword.

    I would have expected otherwise and I read plenty on this subject including reading other owners posts on this very tread and online reviews.
    it's something that I have spent a good deal of time listening carefully because in most cases the balanced has always sounded better on all my other gear. But on my AK380 copper it's not the case.
  10. Gosod
    More juicy bass and separation of instruments, especially classical music.
  11. Jalo

    Well this is a good time to start the game of speculating the next Totl AK dap and see who gets it right the most.

    1. It will be announce next month at the Munich Audio Fest.
    2. It will have two AKM 4497 Dac
    3. It will be slightly bigger as they have no choice but to up the amp section to keep up with the competitors
    4. They may have two memory slots like the Kann
  12. Rei87

    I've read somewhere that the power output of the single end is very slightly bigger than the balanced.

    Can't remember the source...but that could be a reason.
  13. bmichels
    Agree with all above 4 plus:  1 Tb SSD,   5,5" OLED,  USB-C,  dedicated line-out,  TIDAL & MQA hardware decoding
  14. Malevolent
    That screen size would be mighty tempting. I hope it'll have small bezels too - seems like it's all the rage these days, and for good reason. [​IMG] 
  15. tunes
    I see little discussion of AK CU versus LOTOO PAW GOLD DIANA vs QP1R
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