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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. Rei87

    Agreed, that the CU remains spectacular for its size factor; i still have yet to find a player that bests its sound.
    But, there will always be some who feel a need to change to other platforms for various reasons haha. For instance, i am helping a friend to find a buyer for his CU unit for as he wants a smaller player to fit in his back pocket. To some, sound isn't the only consideration.
  2. haiku
    Best sound is produced by 2 AK380. You use one as Transport and the other as DAC. Few will ever know, because no one will want to spent this amount of money......
  3. Fr_eak
    From a technical point of view how will this perform better than one unit doing it all?
  4. xxx1313
    April Fool's day hoax? [​IMG]
    ​Well, I will keep using my two AK380s separated. :wink:
  5. Rei87
    I personally believe in lots of snake oil, like quantum stickers, audiophile SD card and contact enhancements made of literal shark oil (squalene oil).

    But, this takes the cake.......I spent about 2 hours absent mindedly polishing my player with a jewellers cloth while watching a movie, went back to my player and found a definite improvement in player SQ. Of course, initially, I had no idea why my player sounded better, and I spent about 30 mins trying to figure it out till I remembered that I had polished it. I swear that that was the only thing I can put my finger on. I still dont think that polishing it will make a difference, but I know that I hear a difference, without even expecting to hear one. 

    Oh yes, when I mean polish, I mean a literal mirror finish without a single speck of tarnish on the (majority) of the surface. 

  6. Eroica4th
    Any high format recording u use to test ur iems and dacs?

    Like a reference when u want to check how good is the iems or dap.

  7. mthaynes

    I polish mine during conference calls.....
    these work well.  they get dirty quick but I consider it a cost of ownership.  lets face it we have spent silly money for audio whats another $10 bucks every few weeks.  I spend more weekly on HD tracks.  damm coupons 
  8. sngmarket
    Who compared ak240ss vs ak380ss ?
  9. Gosod
    380 I liked more. ay.gif
  10. sngmarket
    What the differences between them?
  11. justin07
    I just love how my 1 year old aesopica leather case (vegetable tanned) is holding up. Love the patina..it goes well with the patina on the cu ak380... gives it an aged, yet rugged appeal. Lol IMG_9784.jpg DFCC4153-EAAB-47C8-9F30-E4B038BD8232.jpg
  12. Audiofail
    The 2.5mm balanced output port on my AK380 went bust a few days ago. Only right channel still works. Is it possible to repair the 2.5mm balanced output port on my own? If no then how do I have it repaired? The amp's balanced output produces more conspicuous back ground noise than without it. How much do I have to pay for the repair assume I am out of warranty.
  13. Dellwolf
    If I were you I'd try to contact AK about it to see what they say, even if you're out of warranty they can probably provide some useful information.
  14. mthaynes

    380 has more bass / bottom end.  you could probably get the 240 to be very close just by playing with the eq.  some people don't like the additional bottom end btw.  The 380 is faster so application screens and album art load faster. 
    biggest plus if found was the bigger screen.  both my 380 and my 240 get a lot of road driving time as they both interface with my cars head unit better than an iPod. Actually significantly better to the point of being good.  the bigger screen is easier to use over the smaller for navigation 
  15. Jalo
    The main different between the 240SS and 380Cu is that 380Cu has a bigger sound with more air than the 240SS. I have not listen to the 380 SS but I don't think that different will change.
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