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Astell&Kern AK380

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Dopaminer, Apr 22, 2015.
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  1. georgelai57
  2. ranfan
    380 is more responsive, quicker than 240. The sound of the 380 is also (IMHO) better. If the 240 is smooth, then the 380 is smoother, wider, and clearer. Due to its technical layering and separation. 380 also has a better, more natural timbre and resonance to instruments or acoustics. Both have sweet sound :)
  3. ranfan
  4. bflat

    Spec-wise it's an AK300 plus Amp. Design-wise it's bland and big. Price-wise it's very un-AK. Overall not sure what to make of it, but I don't see AK owners dumping their stacks to buy this. May be attractive to new AK customers.
    Every AK fan has been anticipating a new flagship DAP, and get the KANN instead which is clearly not flagship. Confusion ensues.
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  5. Dellwolf
    Yeah, as a non-AK owner, the price and specs of the KANN are very attractive to myself, but I'm wondering how the Fiio X5 3rd Generation compares to the KANN in actual performance, not specs.
  6. tienbasse
    I really don't get how you're comparing a DAP whose specs are clearly based on (power+capacity=transport) with a DAP (AK300) which has neither the capacity nor the power to be used with cans without buying an amp.
    The way you phrase it, you're just waiting a new way to spend 4000+ $ in my opinion, and nothing cheaper than that will find grace in your eyes. YOUR definition of a flagship.
    I know you have to pay R&D costs for development of new products (I work in R&D), but not every next TOTL should always be more expensive, unless it uses brand new manufacturing equipment and brings breakthrough innovation (=obvious things, not some subjective "better" SQ).
    To me a flagship is of a product that combines upgraded/new specs, great built quality and sound signature to my (subjective) liking. If it was only a function of price, we'de be in a sad market.
    Beside the debatable design, KANN announced specs are just high-end, especially power and capacity.
    And to be fair, with the emergence of high-end Chinese DAPs, the market for 4000+$ has really shrunk, especially with the kind of non-scientific marketing BS that AK has practiced since the AK3xx series, that does nothing to explain the astronomical cost. Not saying that AK DAPs are bad at all (on the contrary), but you don't keep your company afloat by selling a few thousands of flagship DAPs, you need a full range with more reasonably-priced DAPs, and A&K certainly has lost foot in this area.
    The KANN may have a very cosy spot in the medium-high market, if the final product retains the annouced specs and price. Not everyone is after sleek design with mediocre battery life and ****ty capacity.
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  7. bflat
    I did say "AK300 plus Amp" to make it comparable power wise. However, if you are talking about capacity in terms of storage, then yes, AK300 offers less capacity since it does not have a full SD card slot.
    I also don't quite understand your rant on flagship but you are entitled to your opinions. However, my statement that KANN is not AK's flagship is true. No DAP maker is going to state that their flagship DAP is the mid priced model in their line up. This is not my opinion, but fact. Again, I am only talking AK here.
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but you do understand that KANN is an AK product? Hence my comments only related to AK and not general DAP makers or general flagship products.
  8. ranfan

    Thanks :)

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  9. S Crowther
    "To me a flagship is of a product that combines upgraded/new specs, great built quality and sound signature to my (subjective) liking"

    That is one peculiar definition of TOTL.
  10. Bengkia369

    My AK240 have better sound compared to a stock AK380cu using it as a source and Cypher Labs Trio portable tube amp.

  11. Jalo
    I still expect an announcement of a totl dap from AK at the Munich Audio Fest next month.
  12. Jalo

    I am only stating the difference in sound between the two daps whether you like one over the other is subjective and personal.
  13. Malevolent
    Well, if the AK240 is stacked with an external amp, then it isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison now. In that sense, my AK240 with an ALO Rx still sounds a touch less engaging and detailed than my AK380. Still, a subjective opinion, though.
  14. Neo Zuko
    Can I get a quick answer... it's just way too long to read a thread this big and google fails to find the answer.

    Can the AK380 be a USB DAC for the Google Pixel XL or iPhone 7 Plus with Lightning to USB Camera Kit Cable? Or is the USB DAC feature only good for laptops?

    Also is the Copper AK380 just for looks or does it really sound better?
  15. Dellwolf
    I don't see why it wouldn't work. I've tried that with one at Canjam NYC with my LG V20 and it was fine. Best thing I think you could do is try it yourself before you buy.
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