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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. Hoegaardener70
    I love PC gaming for the better (=smoother) graphics and my 3440x1440 widescreen. However, I do only play single player games with the PC which are playable with a controller. I do hate playing with a keyboard and mouse, I miss the rumble feedback and more importantly, I feel like being at work. Ouch! Since I mostly play Battlefield (besides stuff like Doom, Metro on PC), I am literally forced to go console since I'd be destroyed on PC playing battlefield with a controller. I wish there would be more options for controller guys like me on pc, e.g. with special servers.
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  2. CoryGillmore
    Same here! Though I will will play some games with kb/m. Like Fallout 4 for some reason. But I went through nearly 1000 hours on Witcher 3 for PC on my Xbox controller.
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  3. Curtis95
    Yeah im with you, I also understand the whole "work thing". Haha, yeah I still get smashed at Battlefield myself, I used to think I was a decent player, maybe I'm just getting worse as I age lol, who knows!

    But yeah hopefully one day controllers will be able to compete with PC gamers and have a fair game. Would also be awesome if cross-platform started to become a big thing, which I believe it is looking that way! Fingers crossed. Then I'll happily stay loyal to PC and still be able to game with friends and family, happy days!
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  4. SpectrewMuller
    I didn't really have time to sit in front of monitor and play games, so I found some games to play on my old PS Vita in my spare time.
    Thanks to that and thanks to Techgara's article, I played back the games from my childhood like Lost Dimension or Tearaway.
  5. wmf
    mostly PC games, but i also have a xbox one X. i prefer the FPS games on the PC, Battlefield , Cod WW2, PUBG, etc.... sports games, like Madden, NBA or Forza Horizon4,
    RDR2, i like on the xbox. I could never use a controller for FPS games.. people do tho, and they are awesome at it... i just cant do it.. maybe if practice a lot.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  6. N00bAudiophile
    I do console Games. I just dont wanna be surprised at the electrical bill in the end of the month.. :dt880smile::dt880smile:
  7. mariopepper
    I am pc gamer :) and it's much more comfortable for me and I used to it since I was a child. I got my first pc when I was 12y.o. and I downloaded as many games as could. Honestly it's a pleasure to choose wich game should you play, it's so exciting.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
  8. Amish
    I play both but prefer PC.

    There are 3 PC gaming rigs in my house, a WiiU, XB360, XBone, PS4, and PS4 Pro.

    My son is a bigger console game and spends a lot of time with the PS4. Daughter is more a PC gamer. Wife doesn't care.
  9. Audiophonicalistic
    PC all the way with a lovely 2080ti. All of my friends have xbox though which sucks.
  10. clouddasher
    I am mainly a pc gamer more because of the type of games I play than anything really.
  11. TLAS43
    I do both, but usually just because of exclusives. If everything was available everywhere I would stick with PC. I do still enjoy console gaming tho.
  12. Ult1mat3X
    I'm a cross-platform gamer: mobile: Summoners war 5 years; xbox: mortal combat on my job with colleagues, and at home I use PC: currently playing Heroes of the Storm with friends only :D
  13. JR1911
    I was a PC gamer for 25 years but about 1½ years ago I got a PS4 Pro along with a nice 65" TV and since then I've pretty much completely switched over to console gaming.
  14. swollazn
    Currently PC gamer. I grew up with xbox -> x360 -> built my pc

    Now I would just get a google stadia whenever that comes out, not sure where that falls in this category.
  15. tdockweiler
    I was both for awhile and stopped playing PC games around 2007.
    It got too expensive for me. At the time I bought an expensive graphics card and some games still wouldn't play well.
    I think this was possibly when the Geforce 8400 was considered very good and Half Life 2 was going to be released soon.
    I also had to stop my addictions of constantly upgrading my PC. It was never enough and I kept throwing so much money at it.
    Now I get only what I need and believe it or not that is a Core i3-6100 :dt880smile: I must have like a dozen hard drives though.
    Pathetic that I still use onboard video too and only need 8gb of ram.

    I still remember the days when you had to have a 2d AND 3d card to play games!
    I remember once having two Voodoo2 cards. Why two? You got to run games at 800x600 instead or lower resolutions if I remember right.
    I actually bought a PC because of DOOM!
    Remember also those days where it was impossible to run most DOS games under Windows 3.11?

    One reason I don't use my PC for gaming is that I need it for work and it's constantly in use. I could multitask, but I do a lot of video encoding and burning of DVD-Rs.

    There is another big reason too...My TV is a LOT bigger!
    I prefer not to connect my PC to a TV.
    My desktop display is only a 24" at a max of 1920x1200.

    Sadly no 4k TV for me yet and I was forced to sell my PS4. Hope to score another by the end of the year.
    Sometimes I feel like i'm the only person in the USA without a 4k TV! They're so common and cheap now.
    No name brands for $198.
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