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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. konami
    I like to play on PC games. But after that I got the console opened PS4 mystery box So now I like to play Red Dead Redemption 2 which my friend suggested to me. Also I can play a lot of console games now
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2019
  2. CyberAmplified
    I played console when I was younger but after I realized how much more graphic freedom you have with a PC and that some of the games are so much cheaper I migrated to PC and never looked back. I have nothing against console games, and I have to admit I enjoy some of the games that are console exclusive like Red Dead Redemption 2, but PC all the way for me.
  3. hikaruchisaki
    I agree with you. I'm glad I got into PC gaming now too. It just makes sense - especially if you like to build the PC yourself. I thought it would be too complicated or stressful and didn't want the "hassle" but it was definitely worth learning. Plus it was actually a lot of fun.
  4. msuroo
    Building a PC was so much easier than I expected it to be - basically grown up legos lol. Added bonus, it now serves as my source (via Tidal) for my Valhalla/Bifrost stack and HD700s!
  5. ChevyMonsenhor
    I am both, i'm originally a console gamer from the PS1 era onwards, my first proper gaming-capable PC was built by myself in 2013 and since then i keep updating my hardware pretty much every year.
  6. demonstrative
    PC, the only consoles I had were Sega and Gameboys. My parents would bring me to their work when I was a child and there was a PC store right next door that would just let me sit and game there for hours...turns out I was good marketing for the store, hah.
  7. Kopfkraut
    PC all the way. Mom wouldn't let us kids have consoles when we were children, but dad eventually talked her into agreeing to a family PC. Later got permitted to buy my own PC, so I simply grew up with the stuff (a Gameboy for Pokemon aside), and I honestly have to say that after being so used to be I actually prefer it by far and large. I can sit at a desk for longer hours than on a sofa, console controllers only make my hands sweaty, I'm not used to the thumbstick and shoulder trigger controls at all, mouse is more precise, keyboard has a greater number of inputs, and last but not least computers are faster and more powerful and more versatile in general. Console loading times always feel like a huge drag on the rare occasion, and you can barely do anything other than play games or movies on them. It's just better.
  8. Remmnever
    PC here. I played consoles for years. Finally made the switch to PC last year. Never going back.. well except for console exclusives. The new spider man and red dead 2 have been fun on ps4.
  9. KcMsterpce
    When consoles started becoming a PC-in-a-box, required monthly payments to properly upgrade/play games, the hardware was a sad low-rent version of what a PC was capable of... AND games were constantly coming out broken with 1GB+ sized patches at release... I quit buying consoles altogether.
    It's not that PC games are a perfect-world scenario either, but I loved console gaming because of the convenience of plug-and-play. Now, they are just as bug-riddled and dependent on patches and internet connection as a PC. However, the hardware specs are less impressive than a homemade $500 computer, and you can't upgrade the GPU, etc...
    I love that PC games end up dropping in price after time, and many games that allow mods makes them even more intricate and exciting to play.
    PC all the way for me now.
  10. dmdm
    I'm the opposite as I'm fully console. I have the X and the Pro on a 4k hdr monitor. I became sick of upgrading my pc constantly and troubleshooting when I wanted to relax and game. That and the cost. I will never go back to pc.
  11. Jason Van Patten
    PC Master Race. I was 20 when the original Doom was launched on PC. The moment I saw that game, I knew gaming would be changed forever. I set my Sega Genesis controller down, and I've never picked up another console controller since.
  12. AzmiAN
    I am all the way console gamer :)
  13. konami
    I am PC gamer. I prefer to play different sort of PC games. For example, apex legends. This game a bit new for me and reminds me LOL a little, I found information about this game on one esport platform here https://dreamteam.gg/apex I follow new information about this game and characters.
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  14. protoss
    Console gamer because I used to own all consoles.
  15. Curtis95
    PC gamer everyday all day, I have had both Xbox and PS but I always turn back to PC gaming, the only thing I liked about console gaming is a lot more of my friends play console. It's a shame that people always go to consoles, PC games have such better gameplay in my eyes and just feel more natural movements. But thats my opinion. =)
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