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Are you a console or PC gamer?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by music alchemist, Aug 8, 2016.
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  1. outdooradventurer
    I was a PS4 person but just switched to PC gaming this year. Couldn't be happier! It also allows me to play with my friends who have Xbox
  2. jomy
    Both; console for ambience and relaxed play, PC for competitive play!
  3. Kukuk
    Because of work most of my gaming is done on portable lately, namely on my Vita, but my main system is PC. I'm actually in the process of building a new computer.

    Building off of this beauty. :D

    It's going to be a few weeks until I finish building it. Parts are expensive...
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  4. seanheis
    Console, so I can play split screen with my kid on my 120 inch projection screen.
  5. loryko
    Both. I love my PC and PS. But honestly spend more game time with PC now
  6. Kukuk
    Not sure if anyone cares, but I finished my computer a couple weeks ago.


    Threadripper 2950x OC'd to 4ghz cooled with a Noctua NH-U14S TR4
    32GB of DDR4, 3000mhz in quad channel
    EVGA GTX 1080ti
    SoundblasterX AE-5
    1 480GB SSD, 1 6TB HDD
    Antec HCG 900w PSU

    Also got a full set of Noctua fans, case is Fractal Design Meshify C.

    It's pretty much overkill just for gaming.
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  7. Tex Irie
    That's a nice build.
  8. loopy.s
    Damn, such a clean build too. I used to be a heavy PC gamer, I built a rig when the GTX 680 was top of the line, but most of my friends are console gamers so I followed suit
  9. Hoegaardener70
    Just found this thread. I play on both PC and console ... I do definitely prefer the PC in general, but I hate to game with keyboard and mouse. Reminds me of work and office. So, I do play the games I can play on PC with a controller ... Single Player Games, mostly. But since I love battlefield and MP FPS, I need a console since I cannot compete on PC with my controller against the kB/m crowd. What a shame, why do things need to be so complicated.
  10. stavros.m
    Depends on the mood i will say i play most of the time on the PC, but since i work all day on a computer there are night's i rather be on the couch. Plus lately my kids are getting into gaming and sitting on the couch as a family is easier. For gaming i have a PS4 and Xbox one X and using the X more then the ps4 lately especially with game pass.
  11. stavros.m
    love the build i was looking at upgrading my pc but undecided on threadripper now or waiting for amd 7nm next year
  12. Rhamnetin
    Threadripper will perform considerably worse than Intel for gaming, but obviously it has other uses.
  13. Kukuk
    Really only for high-fps, low resolution gaming. 1440p and higher will see basically the same performance between a Threadripper and even an 8700k.

    Yeah, right now's kinda a tough time to get a 100% new build. 7nm is coming on both the CPU and GPU front. It's why I'm passing on the RTX 2000 series. I'm pretty sure 7nm Nvidia cards are coming next year, or early 2020.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018
  14. Keisuk3
    Pc gamer with a want to buy a switch :blush:
  15. Por_Tu_Guy
    I'm a console peasant :blush: only game casually with friends but wouldn't mind a cool PC rig but I'm not really tech savvy enough to build my own.
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