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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. macdevign
    Sadly that Eximus DP-1 has been discontinued.  It is one of those audio products having great form, function and sound.
    "Chord Hugo vs. Eximus DP-1. Anyone do any comparison?"
    I own Eximus Dac and get to hear Chord Hugo. I didn't think that hugo is better than Eximus or vice versa. Both sound analogue. Eximus sounds sweeter, lushful, hugo sounds bit truer to life.
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  2. DObleX
    Hi! Looking for closed-back headphones (about $1000 price maximum), that will be in full harmony and compatibility with DP1. So, what closed-back headphones will be the best for DP1? Denon 7100, Sony MDR7, Beyerdynamic T5p-2, Fostex 600/900?
  3. Gibalok
    Th900 indeed
  4. DObleX

    Oh, thanks! You tested and compared many different closed-back headphones with DP1 and in the end choose TH900? Or just bought TH900 and they've satisfied you at once?
  5. Gibalok
    satisfied me at once. But moderately priced amp like Burson Soloist + Eximus DP-1 is even better
    dont even try to deal with Denon 7100 - it sounds cheap. 
  6. rocksteady65
    It would probably be more accurate to say that the Eximus is so good that it only took you 36 hours to grasp and fully enjoy its sound. 400 hours of "Break-In" sounds to me like 400 hours to get used to a Component's sound, which is in itself not very reassuring...:triportsad:
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
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