Apple iPad is Offical
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Boring product.

Terrible name. Sounds like female toiletries made easy. Funnily enough I think women will use it more than men, and once they realise what a terrible product it is, use it roughly once a month. I guess the name fits.
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Srsly. This product is rubbish yet I'm sure it will still sell like hotcakes amongst the indie hipsters because it is Apple.

Maybe they didn't include multitasking on purpose, so that they can appear to be a company that looks after their users by releasing an update later which includes this feature? It seemed to work for the copypaste issue...
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Here is the way i look at this. And i'm about as anti-apple as anyone.

With one of the remote desktop apps, and 3G this is the closest single piece
thing i have seen that would allow me to connect to and interact with my
real machines. Kind of expensive for just that purpose, but it definitely would
increase my productivity. The rest of what it does is completely useless to me.

Others will come out with the same thing for much cheaper. Few will have
the multi-touch and the led backlit screen, and 8 hours of battery life.

Can't wait to see how much replacement batteries will cost when they die in a year.

Other app that would be killer is a Crestron replacement at 25% the cost of a crestron.
If this happens, i see the developer kit being leaked around the world for free and
the huge remote control database integrated into public domain product. Likely with
a way to actually develop from a pc.
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Originally Posted by kevin gilmore /img/forum/go_quote.gif
With one of the remote desktop apps, and 3G this is the closest single piece
thing i have seen that would allow me to connect to and interact with my
real machines.

What do you mean "one of the remote desktop apps"? It runs iPhone OS, not a real operating system. If there are VNC iPhone OS applications... just get an iPhone.
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Something that runs or emulates RDC. Yes i can do it on an iphone, but
its useless as the screen is too small. And you can't download the active-x
control that does the same thing.
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I really like it, I can see its purpose! For me, if it is anything like $499 over here then that is about 30-50% less than I thought it would cost. I can justify $499 on a whim and treat it like a play thing.

'Recreational' surfing is going to be awesome, remote desktop, tv guide viewing, books, giant remote control etc.

We all know based on passed experience the UI is going to be unbeatable, nobody else gets close to this. No matter how many cheap Google/HTC/Acer/Etc knockoffs appear they will all have a UI that sucks longterm and a bad screen/touch response.
I hate Apple, I'm a long time Windows Server engineer but they do UI so so well, I don't care what people with 'other' devices say but they ain't as slick and easy to use. The obligatory Apple 'lockdown' sucks and I wish for more freedom but I have to admit it isn't really a bad thing, you do get some great stability on iPhones...

I think in summary, at this low price, they have done a great job. I would like a full OS, 2Ghz CPU, cameras, usb and all that other stuff but then it would be a 1000 bux and at that price I just wouldn't buy it.
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Hmmm, not sure about this one...
First of all, it is a real shame that it does not run Mac OS X. That alone put a lot of limitations on available software. Size wise it seems fine for what it is, somewhere right between the iPhone 3G and MacBook Air, but I would rather have a netbook.
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Multitasking and Flash are reportedly in the next iPhone OS. My guess is that the new OS isn't ready today, however, it will be when the iPad ships.

As for use, I think the iPad will make my life less cluttered and easier.

For one, I'm a heavy iPhone user. Maybe four or five hours a day. I use it more than a laptop or desktop. I use a lot of the apps and find the iPhone to fill a lot of my computing needs. A bigger version would be nice to have.

If it has multitasking I am in. That is really the only drawback for me and the main reason I jb my iPhone. I will say it is not as important on the iPad because I will mainly use it around the house and I will not need to run Rhapsody or Pandora in the background like I do with my iPhone.

I would think the iPad would appeal to people that use a lot of iPhone/iTouch apps. I could use a bigger screen for Logmein, video, photos, the occasional game, and reading text. I currently use my iPhone for most of those, but when I am at home, it would prefer the bigger screen. I have an 18 inch laptop and it is not the greatest thing to read in bed.

For me, it fits a nice niche and the fact that it works with apps I already have, it beats a netbook for my purposes.
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Damn, I just researched this potential use for the iPad (which I had high hopes for) No Netflix for the iPad. Netflix CEO says he has no plans to work with Apple on providing their content.
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Originally Posted by chadbang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
most interesting comment: UncleEric - it's a device for old people!

Y'know, that's not such a bad business strategy.

There seems to be some unwritten rule that every computing product must please the teen/twentysomething power user.


My parents love this thing. They have a rather comfortable income and will look forward to passing the iPad around over dinner'n'drinks with their friends to show the latest photos of the grandkids. There's nothing else
on the market that will work as well for that. They cruise every few months, but wish they didn't have to wait to get home to see their photos on sometbing other than the camera's tiny screen. But hook the iPad to the camera and they'll get to see everything. They'll also have their books, magazines, newspapers, crosswords, Sudoku, everything they like on something they can trust to work.

It really makes a lot of sense. For those who think it's just fashion or brand fanaticism, nonsense. This thing will actually get used. They'll put in several hours a day, at least.

Also, look back around three years to when the iPhone was announced. It was slammed continuously for not having X, Y, Z features. And look what happened. It's easy to dismiss it as hype, but I'm posting from one right now, bought movie tickets with it yesterday, used it to find a restaurant, have used the 12C app already a few times today, and much else. This is something I actualy use.

I still can't understand why Apple's products are such a lightning rod. There were four or five other tablets announced at CES. Where us the rage at their shortcomings? If someone hates the Sony tablet, he should just go buy something else, right? Why is this any different?
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Uncle Eric how about photo albums... I am still not a fan of showing pictures on a computer screen of any kind. It´s just not as fun as browsing photo albums turning real pages. At the time where you had to plan your shots since it costed money to develope too and you only had a limited amount of captures available.

It´s not for the really OLD people. I can´t see my parents get these.

As for Apple not being the coolest thing on earth... Same reason as anything successful and mainstream. Metallica, Bose, Skullcandy, EA. You are not special or cool if you go by mainstream. Was not that long ago Apple was the under dog to the big old ugly bad Microsoft and Intel
... Amazing comeback I have to say.

But I can´t really see any reason for me to get the iPad.. It´s not really more portable then a netbook it seems. More fragile would it take me sitting on it? Sure if the LED screen is all that it would be a better choice for watching movies but then I am fine doing that on my touch as well. Demands higher resolution so how many movies do you fit on a mere 32 gb?... an ipod movie seems to take about 500 mb just that. Actually fine watching movies on the touch on the go though.

I am Sure it´s a well thought out product though I can´t find anything to lure me in currently. Especially not having the Ipod touch already. That is a really cool device surely
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If it sounds like an Ipod, i wouldnt like it, unless it sounds like the 5th gen. Nano with FM radio, which is the best Ipod ive heard IMHO.

Also...i worry about ease of battery replacement. I dont want another throw-away item.
I already worry about 2 of my portable HP Amps, because both companies are out of business, so i have to check with battery manufacturers to replace them when they crap out, and i cant solder micro circuits. want a USB, to run my dac or use an external hard drive for more storage, if possible.
If it cant do that, then ill just buy a small portable 12" notebook pc from HP or Toshiba or something.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I still can't understand why Apple's products are such a lightning rod. There were four or five other tablets announced at CES. Where us the rage at their shortcomings? If someone hates the Sony tablet, he should just go buy something else, right? Why is this any different?

Tablets in general are a lightning rod. It's just that PC tablets have been out and been failures for so long that they're no longer worthy of notice.

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